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Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls

vs. the forces of evil

  • 1. Grendel 8:43
  • 2. Tight Rope 6:00
  • 3. You Know me 5:22
  • 4. Tubby 7:14
  • 5. Dig to China 3:09
  • 6. Becky's Bash 8:00
  • 7. Impengu dek Bengikai 5:58
  • 8. Wonder 7:56
  • Total Time: 52:25
  • Ted Sirota's Rebel Souls - group
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Nr kat.: Naim051
Label  : NAIM Records

This third recording for The Naim Label was recorded during the last week of May 2000. Those who enjoyed the first two cds should really dig this one. Why? Because it’s completely burning- that’s why! Geoff Bradfield has joined the band since the last recording, and besides contributing three superbad compositions he also adds his brilliant tenor, alto and bass clarinet playing. The remainder of the line up is the same as “Propaganda”- Rob Mazurek, Kevin Kizer, Jeff Parker and Noel Kupersmith. "Sirota’s band may be rebel souls, but they have big hearts too" - Downbeat "Here’s a smart forward thinking band that knows how to swing" - All About Jazz "Sirota plays with an effortless touch...very convincing" - Jazz Times