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Earwax Control

2 Live

  • 1 Band introduction
  • 2 The ditch at the side of the tracks
  • 3 Painful and shocking
  • 4 Clevinger did forget, And now he's dead
  • 5 Neutral categories of error
  • 6 The burning at ashtabula bridge
  • 7 March of the hypocrites
  • 8 Pork Went Up
  • 9 Took a drive - Hit a ghost
  • 10 As a young girl
  • 11 Flopped into a puddle three feet deep
  • 12 Here we divide the plunder
  • Earwax Control - group
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Nr kat.: Naim007
Label  : NAIM Records

Earwax Control is the creation of Pat Metheny Group drummer Paul Wertico in collaboration with Jeff Czech and Gordon James. Recorded live at Orphans, Chicago, Illinois, USA in 1986, all the music was "spontaneously composed while performed." "The result," said Jazz Magazine, "is funky rural, a kind of cajun on LSD. Earwax Control are undoubtedly bonkers but they are entertaining with it."


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