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Elements of Truth

  • Empirical - Elements of Truth
  • 01. Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say (5:14)
  • 02. Yin & Yang (9:04)
  • 03. In The Grill (3:55)
  • 04. Out of Sight, Out of Mind Part 1 (4:58)
  • 05. Cosmos (For Carl Sagan) (6:52)
  • 06. Simple Things (5:56)
  • 07. An Ambiguous State of Mind (7:24)
  • 08. The Element of Truth (7:12)
  • 09. Out of Sight, Out of Mind Part 2 (2:09)
  • 10. Spitting Them Out (Bonus Track) (4:12)
  • Empirical - group
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Nr kat.: NAIM168
Label  : NAIM Records

British post-bop pin-up boys Empirical, in just a few short years have carved out a place as one of jazz's most exciting new bands, touring from New York to Molde, London to Montreal, and they have won numerous awards including the 2010 MOBO for Best Jazz Act and Jazzwise and Mojo Albums of the Year. Elements Of Truth is their third album, and second with the current line-up of Nathaniel Facey alto saxophone, Shaney Forbes drums, Tom Farmer bass and Lewis Wright vibraphone. Empirical perform compositions and improvisations that express ideas taken from beyond music in a uniquely democratic style. Each member is given equal responsibility for the direction of the music in composition and in the moment of improvisation. It is this mixture of shared responsibility and openness that gives their music such a unique edge as they draw on influences from Film and TV, proverbs and sayings and even sports! So while collectively they will acknowledge musical influences from the oblique sounds of Andrew Hill and Eric Dolphy's sublime Out To Lunch, to the more contemporary stylings of Vijay Iyer or namecheck Wayne Shorter and Branford Marsalis, it is their unique ability to express what they think and feel on a range of ideas through the collaborative trial and error process of Jazz improvisation that makes them such a powerful group. On Elements of Truth, they are joined by special guest George Fogel on piano, while Wright over-dubs glockenspiel to add an otherworldly texture to their unique brand of post-bop, and if their previous album 'Out 'n' In' celebrated the influence of Eric Dolphy on their music, Elements Of Truth is about getting back to the essence of Empirical: observing, experimenting and commenting through music. "We live in musically unique times: We can listen to almost any music in the world at the touch of button: Music is eclectic where styles and genres are bent and blurred: This album is a comment on that. Furthermore the music is our way of making sense of the world, reflected in the titles of the pieces, which are philosophies, proverbs or the intangible parts of life." Amongst the records many stand-out tracks, almost too many to mention, is the deceptive Simple Things by bassist Tom Farmer, which was partly inspired by Bjork, but is based on the idea of a girl taking pleasure in the simple things in life, expressed through diatonic repetition. Facey's In The Grill refers to the space inside a man's physical reach, specifically inside a boxers reach and is about spatial awareness and the conviction to go for your ideas. An Ambiguous State of Mind, also by Farmer, is a wonderfully impressionistic piece which attempts to create ambiguity through use of an uneven meter and altered harmony. Musically inspired by Vijay Iyer but with House of Horror overtones, it was written to feature guest pianist Fogel. Farmer's spooky Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say draws on Messiaen, Steve Lehman and Vijay Iyer and attempts to illustrate its message through the juxtaposition of free and rigid passages. Finally Lewis Wright contributes the title track (his first recorded composition with the band), The Element of Truth, explores the idea of subconscious truth, especially within a dream state. It has a deliberate ambiguity within the feel/melody which gives the music a shimmering, ethereal quality but one underwritten by a solid pulse. It is this ability to mix the off-centre within a powerful framework and the ethereal and the earthy that makes Empirical's music so powerful and one that demonstrates that while truth is a subjective idea, exploration through improvisation can result in an empirical proof: One that proves that these four young Brits are one of jazz's most potent forces! Produced by Empirical ********************************************** Jazz UK "Excellent, edgy work...adds whole new dimensions in terms of concern with texture and colour" The Jazz Mann 4 Stars "demanding but ultimately invigorating music" more >> The Music Critic "Empirical...improvisational...inspirational" more >> The Independent “a mixture of the tranquil, the riotous and the other-worldly…casts all the right spells” more >> London Jazz "Another elegant, polished but sparky album from one of UK jazz's most sophisticated bands" more >> Metro "consistently brilliant...sent them straight to the top of most jazz fans' best new band list" The Daily Telegraph 4 Stars "the best opening I've heard in years...terrific" more >> BBC Music Magazine 4 Stars "The recorded sound is tight and detailed...sparkliest of atmospheres glide along like Teflon-coated snakes" more >> The Independent "You really want to see them do it live...you're hooked" more >> The Guardian 4 Stars “fascinating and fearless…their most eclectic venture to date” more >> Financial Times 4 Stars 'Empirical's mix of structure and freedom is nourished by the atmospheric modernism' more >> Jazz Journal "music deserving of the highest praise...this is my record of the year." more >> Jazzwise 4 Stars "their most adventurous statement to date" more >> All About Jazz "Elements Of Truth rises confidently, if not wholly successfully...Empirical's music makes for a cracking disc." more >> BBC.co.uk "Empirical are crashing irresistibly through the decades. Next stop, 21st century." more >> allgigs.co.uk "The playing is first rate" Record Collector 4 Stars "the same high degree of musicality and invention as they continue to probe the frontiers of jazz" more >> UNCUT Magazine 3 Stars "Difficult Jazz that is pretty and positively terrifying" MOJO 4 Stars "Fiercely imaginative...challenging and stimulating as anything on the international scene... a vividly involving, dramatic listen" more >>