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Los Camalotes

El Viaje

  • 1. El Viaje
  • 2. Vuelo Nocturno
  • 3. Sao Paolo
  • 4. Falso Pop
  • 5. Una Ma?ana
  • 6. Valeria
  • 7. Gincana
  • 8. Ausencias
  • 9. Limay
  • 10. Zamba Del Sur
  • Los Camalotes
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Nr kat.: M083A
Label  : MaRecordings

While Argentina is most famous (perhaps infamous?) for Tango, various other forms of folk, pop and of course rock music (Rock Nacional) have developed and morphed over the years. Even though Argentine jazz is nowhere near as well known as Tango, at least since the early 1960s, there has been ongoing activity among creative and improvising jazz musicians, most of them in Buenos Aires. A recent entry to that scene is the jazz trio Camalotes, lead by keyboardist Lucas Nikotian (he also plays with Puente Celeste`s “Nama” M084A) along with bassist Fabian Martin and drummer Tomas Babjaczuk. While all three members of Camalotes are city people, their music is somewhat subdued and similar to the sophisticated European feel of ECM with the added mystery and profound beauty of the Argentine countryside. Seven tracks on the record are by Lucas Nikotian, while the remaining 3 are by bassist Fabian Martin. Camalotes` album was recorded in the hall at Instituto Goethe Buenos Aires which has very little in the way of a deep, natural acoustic. While the sound of the room is almost “dead”, at the same time, the recording is “alive” with an intimacy and immediacy rarely heard on today`s recordings. (Todd Garfinkle, MA Recordgins)"