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Wolfgang Bernreuther

I'm Waiting For You

  • Wolfgang Bernreuther - I'm waiting for you
  • 01. Time For A Change (2:39)
  • 02. I'm Waiting For You (4:19)
  • 03. Indian Blues (3:10)
  • 04. Mississippi / Mississippi (2:55)
  • 05. I Hope I'll Play The Blues On The Day That I Die (3:50)
  • 06. Wild Wild West (2:46)
  • 07. Till The Rivers All Run Dry (3:39)
  • 08. Help Me (4:39)
  • 09. Blues With A Feeling (3:52)
  • 10. I Loved Another Woman (3:15)
  • 11. Everyday I Have The Blues (3:53)
  • 12. Thank You God (2:18)
  • 13. Bring Me Flowes While I'm Living (5:08)
  • Wolfgang Bernreuther - vocals, guitar
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184.00 PLN

LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: LP43037
Label  : ClearAudio Records
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Nr kat.: CD43037
Label  : ClearAudio Records

The follow up to his 2003 effort, I Wonder Why is another fine example on someone in the blues community doing it right. With lots more original tunes it is easy for the listener to hear this true blues patriarch at work. Each tune rolls of the tongue with real affection and sincerity while the bluesy guitar work never strays from the blues tone of yesteryear. Another fine pressing from Clearaudio, not to be missed for the music and for the sonics.


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