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Joanne Grauer, Lorraine Feather

introducing Lorraine Feather

  • Joanne Grauer - keyboards
  • Lorraine Feather - vocal
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LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: MPS15527
Label  : MPS

Regrettably Joanne Grauer is listed with only three LPs to her name in encyclopaedias of jazz. The present album on the MPS label is the second, and certainly most sought-after, of this all-round musician. And it is probably Joanne Grauer's most personal LP, for she was given all the time she needed in the studio together with her friends - and what is more the critic and producer Leonard Feather did not influence her musically in the very least..Even though she did was not totally uninfluenced by Horace Silver, Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans, it was the opportunities offered back in 1977 by the electronic keyboard that opened new doors for Joanne Grauer. But she is certainly not an avant-gardist for melodious sound-colouring is her top priority and she achieved mood music situated somewhere between the classical jazz piano trio and rock-pop sound. Most themes come from Joanne Grauer's pen, and she is certainly in the foreground as a soloist too. In "See You Later", "Can't Sleep" and "The Voice", she is joined by the gentle voice of Lorraine Feather, while Ernie Watts's saxophone provides a powerful, welcome contrast which successfully puts a halt to drifting off into mere melodiousness. Joanne Grauer's final work on the album, "Frog Child", is given over to be-bop and makes a wonderful final cadence to a recording which carries all the hallmark of the 70s but still sounds fresh and new in the year 2001.