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Piffaro, The Concord Ensemble

Florentine Music for a Medici Procession

Florentine Music for a Medici Procession image
Galeria okładek

ZamknijGaleria okładek

  • Entrata degli Sancte
  • 01. Alta Trinita beata (3:30)
  • Entrata degli Amanti 02. Ben venga maggio (2:21) 03. Textless carmen (1:05) 04. Ecco'l messia (2:22) 05. Dieu quel marriage/corps digne (1:13) 06. Vilana, che sa tu far? (1:33)
  • Lorenzo Innamorata
  • [7.] Canto dei profumieri anonymous 3:17
  • [8.] Cecus non judicat de coloribus Alexander Agricola (c. 1446-1506) 4:40
  • [9.] Jay bien et aver Agricola (si placet voice, Adam Gilbert) 2:19
  • [10.] Trionfo di Bacco anonymous (recorder diminutions, Tom Zajac) 2:57
  • [11.] Or udite el buono horare anonymous 2:38
  • Trionfo della Guerra
  • [12.] Palle, palle Isaac 1:55
  • [13.] Alla caccia anonymous 1:22
  • [14.] A la battaglia Isaac 4:41
  • [15.] Regnum meum anonymous (Isaac?) 1:09
  • [16.] Par ung chies do cure Isaac 1:17
  • Morte del Principe
  • [17.] Quis dabit capiti meo aquam? Isaac 6:17
  • Trionfo della Fede
  • [18.] La giloxia anonymous 2:10
  • [19.] Allegro canto anonymous 3:23
  • [20.] Torna, torna anonymous 2:24
  • Martyre e Exili
  • [21.] Adieu Florens la yolye Pietrequin (fl. late 15th c.) 1:45
  • [22.] Carro della morte anonymous 4:14
  • [23.] Patientia ognum me dice anonymous 2:10
  • Trionfo d?Amore
  • [24.] Che poss?io pi? se?l cielo Jacques Arcadelt (c.1505-1568) 2:37
  • [25.] Perche quel che mi trasse Elzear Genet dit Carpentras (c.1470-1548) 2:13
  • [26.] Nova belleza Carpentras 1:37
  • Musica Divina
  • [27.] Lodate fanciulletti anonymous (added voice, Adam Gilbert) 1:09
  • [28.] Media vita in morte Francesco de Layolle (1492-c.1540) 2:43
  • [29.] Textless carmen Adam Gilbert (Tenor after Isaac) 1:37
  • Total Program Length: 72:49
  • Piffaro
  • The Concord Ensemble - orchestra
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Nr kat.: DOR90312
Label  : DORIAN (USA)


Like ancient Athens, or the mythic Atlantis, few cities capture the imagination like fifteenth-century Florence, crowned a golden place by her inhabitants and by history. The humanist Marsilio Ficino echoed a common belief that Florence was the "shining new Jerusalem" when he wrote, "this is an age of gold, which has brought back to life the almost extinguished liberal disciplines of poetry, eloquence, painting, architecture, sculpture, music, and singing to the Orphic lyre. And all this at Florence!? The city was as famous for its festivals and grand spectacles as it was for its artists, merchants, philosophers, politicians, poets and priests. In three major festivals ? carnival, calendim?ggio (May 1), and San Giovanni (June 24), all vied for power and pride of place, weaving processions that mirrored the complexies and dangers of Florentine life. The carro, or triumphal wagon (trionfo), played an integral part in the festivities. Elaborately decorated with banners, drawn through the streets accompanied by torch bearers, singers and actors, these moving tableux vivants, not unlike the floats of modern-day parades, survive only in vivid accounts, and in the sounds of music from a distant time... This recording features the amazing sounds of Piffaro's astonishing combination of winds (including a quartet of renaissance bagpipes, shawms, krumhorns, recorders, harp, and more), with the exquisite vocalism of the award-winning Concord Ensemble. It is truly a feast of delights and spectacular sounds that will appeal to all lovers of Renaissance music... - Adam Knight Gilbert