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Alfredo Rodriguez

The Invasion Parade

Alfredo Rodriguez - The Invasion Parade 01. The Invasion Parade (5:34) 02. Guantanamera (4:44) 03. El Güije (4:14) 04. El Santa Barbara (7:10) 05. Timberobot (5:51) 06. Quizás, Quizás, Quizás [Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps] (4:30) 07. Snails In the Creek [Caracoles En El Riachuelo] (6:42) 08. Veinte Años [Twenty Years] (4:59) 09. Cubismo (5:36)
  • Alfredo Rodriguez - piano
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Nr kat.: MAC1079
Label  : MackAvenue (USA)

A magnificent journey of artistic rediscovery from the outside looking in. Alfredo Rodriguez is redefining his cultural DNA while embracing a full spectrum of colors one can hear. Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com Alfredo Rodriguez In the day of the digital download and pre-orders the classic release date holds little meaning and some things are simply too good to let sit on your desk for too long! Alfredo Rodriguez has an international release date of Feb. 18th and a domestic release date of March 4th for his stellar sophomore effort, The Invasion Parade on Mack Avenue. Cuban born pianist Alfredo Rodrguez literally lived his music while in his native land. Coming to the United States has given Rodriguez a new perspective and a second chance at creativity that few artists are smart enough to embrace on the first go-round. The Invasion Parade celebrates different styles of Cuban music seldom recorded in the United States along with a wonderful lineup of musicians including a nice cameo from Esperanza Spalding. Alfredo plays from a deep and rich harmonic palate, subtle nuances of changes are executed with surgical precision while remaining vibrant and at times ethereal. Rodriguez intended a cultural collective with the ensemble cast including Americans, a Puerto Rican and a Bulgarian where all members are bringing their own special talents to the table in an effort not to reinvent the music of a rich cultural heritage but to merely shine a new and exciting light on both a people and a music that has been long misunderstood and in some cases sadly ignored. One can over analyze individual tunes and their importance but they would be missing the message of The Invasion Parade. There is a link between dance and jazz and what I refer to as the beat you hear with your feet. Alfredo Rodriguez is now in his element, this is a musical coming out party. A joyous celebration from the Afro-Cuban to the more modern Cuban style of timba. Personnel: Alfredo Rodriguez: Piano, Minimoog Voyager Synthesizer, Electronic, Percussion; Billy Carrion: Baritone Saxophone; Henry Cole: Drums, Percussion; Roman Filiu: Alto and Soprano Saxophone; Pedrito Martinez: Vocals, Percussion (1,3,7,9); Javier Porta: Flute: Peter Slavov: Acoustic Bass; Esperanza Spalding: Vocals, Acoustic Bass (3,7).


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