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Samson Marzbani Ensemble

Berlin Variations

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Galeria okładek

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SIDE A (1) Day Variation SIDE B (1) Night Variation
  • Samson Marzbani Ensemble
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LP-180G direct-to-disc:

Nr kat.: BMS1815
Label  : Berliner Schalplatten

Direct-to disc

Hermann Pigeon world percussions Odile Bruckert flute & vocals Samson Marzbani piano Corinna Ruba soprano Jakob Jakob Roters cello Christine Gabler vocals Improvisional Dimension Every single note you will hear on this album was inspired as we performed. Improvision is a jubilating journey into the unknown: Infinite discoveries come along the way in relation with the other musicians. Our hands, insturments and voices lead to emotions beyond what we could imagine before playing. And, the experience of Direct to Disc Recording took our improvisional journey to another level ... Bon voyage! Samson Marzbani


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