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Miles Davis, Gil Evans

Quiet Nights

Miles Davis - Quiet Nights 01. Song No. 2 (1:40) 02. Once Upon A Summertime (3:28) 03. Aos Pes Da Cruz (4:19) 04. Song No. 1 (4:37) 05. Wait Till You See Her (4:06) 06. Corcovado (2:45) 07. Summer Night (6:04) 08. The Time of the Barracudas (12:45)
  • Miles Davis - trumpet
  • Gil Evans - conductor
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Nr kat.: SICP819
Label  : SONY

na każdą noc, na każdy dzień...

QUIET NIGHTS, the fourth Columbia collaboration between Miles Davis and arranger Gil Evans, has the reputation of being an inconsequential patchwork of unfinished charts and snippets. Truncated though it might be (the original LP clocked in under 30 minutes), the resulting album is a brilliant (and satisfying) Brazilian-flavored blend of pop and jazz, including slow, darkly melodic versions of Jobim's "Corcovado" and Michel Legrand's "Once Upon A Summertime." This remastered CD reissue also includes an unfinished 13-minute suite called "The Time Of The Barracudas," originally written for the theater, and a successfully spliced together experiment in the "third-stream."