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HUME, Ralph Rousseau

A pritty thing - The first part of ayres

1. The Spirit of Gambo 2. A Soldiers Maske 3. Captaine Humes Pavan 4. T Sa ala mod du? france 5. A Soldiers Resolution 6.Toy Suite 7. My Mistresse Hath a Pritty Thing 8. Maister Crasse his Almayne 9. A Preludum 10. A Soldiers Galiard 11. A French Ayre 12. Captaine Humes Almayne 13. A Meditation 14. The New Knights Humor 15. The Earle of Pembrooke his Galliard 16. A French Jigge 17. A Question 18. Ha Couragie 19. An Answere 20. Now I come 21. My Mistresse Maske
  • Ralph Rousseau - viola da gamba
  • HUME
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LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: STS6111165
Label  : STS Digital

Tobias Hume and Georg Philipp Telemann can truly be considered extremes in the viola da gamba world. They did share a passion for this extraordinary instrument, but other than that their lives could not have been more different. Hume: the maverick, army captain, selfmade man and not at all esteemed by his renowned colleagues like John Dowland. And Telemann, a real celebrity avant la lettre, whose star even eclipsed that of Johann Sebastian Bach at the time. This programme puts them side to side, united in what bound them: the love for the sound of the viola da gamba. With music from the new album A pritty thing and some newly discovered fantasies by Telemann