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Tango Extremo

Tango Extremo

SIDE A 01. Milonga de mis Amores 02. Dark Eyes 03. El Silencio 04. Sarabande SIDE B 01. Burnt by the Sun 02. Amsterdam 03. La Habanera y Toreador 04. La Montagne
  • Tango Extremo
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LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: STS6111136
Label  : STS Digital

A very dynamic and musical live audiophile recording - 5 excellent musicians playing well known music in tango style. Sound Engineer's notes: Tango Extremo is really an extremo recording, if I may use the title from the LP in this way. First of all it is live and it has an extreme dynamic range. Fast and furious it sounds, more than live I would say! That makes this album a must have for everybody who loves great music and of course very exciting recordings. From the UK was used the 8 channel Audio Developments mixer AD 255 and from the US the 88.2-24bit, 24 channel Alesis. Siltech microphone cables and interlinks were used throughout the recording. A single Schoeps MK21 on the bass, two Schoeps MK21 on the piano, one Schoeps MK21 on the violin and one Schoeps MK21 on the saxophone and accordion. For ambiance two LCM-3 microphones designed by a Dutch company Mazenier Electronics were used. The recording of this LP was possible due to a contribution from Hans Kortenbach, manufacturer of Musical Affairs loudspeakers, Cees Ruijtenberg, manufacturer of Metrum Acoustics DA convertors and headphone amplifiers and Frens Mazenier by providing his microphones. We hope that this LP album will soon become an icon on every high end analogue turntable. Don’t let yourself be put off knowing this is a digital recording, just give it a chance. I like it very much, I hope you will like it too. Balance engineer, Fritz de With - STS Digital. Artist's promotion notes: With the greatest pleasure I herewith would like to present to you our first LP, our first vinyl! After ten years of Tango Extremo and after producing seven CD’s with this group I am very proud to have been able to produce an LP with live recordings of a memorable concert we did in 2013 in Theater De Speeldoos in Baarn, The Netherlands. I hope you will enjoy it and look forward to meeting you during one of our concerts somewhere in the world.Special thanks to Fritz de With for all his help and expertise to produce this wonderful album!


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