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Horace Silver, J.J. Johnson, Joe Henderson, Bob Cranshaw

The Cape Verdean Blues

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  • The Horace Silver Quintet Plus J.J.Johnson - The Cape Verdean Blues
  • 01. The Cape Verdean Blues (5:02)
  • 02. The African Queen (9:40)
  • 03. Pretty Eyes (7:35)
  • 04. Nutville (7:17)
  • 05. Bonita (8:40)
  • 06. Mo' Joe (5:44)
  • Horace Silver - piano
  • J.J. Johnson - trombone
  • Joe Henderson - tenor saxophone
  • Bob Cranshaw - double bass
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Nr kat.: AWMXR0010
Label  : Audio Wave USA

Horace Silver The Cape Verdean Blues on JVC XRCD

Mastered to XRCD from Rudy Van Gelder's Original Two-Track Analog Master Tapes! 

One of the Best-Sounding Digital Releases You Will Ever Hear: Warm, Intricate, Transparent

Joe Henderson, J.J. Johnson, Woody Shaw Part of All-Star Cast on '65 Blue Note Gem

Horace Silver, the influential hard bop/soul jazz pianist, songwriter and bandleader, was riding high in 1965. His "Song for My Father" had become a hit, he had put together a new and brilliant quintet, and he had the opportunity to use the masterful trombonist J.J. Johnson as a guest on his new album for Blue Note Records. On the resulting album, The Cape Verdean Blues, Johnson joins one of Silver's greatest bands, a group boasting two brilliant new stars: tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson and the young trumpeter Woody Shaw.

Henderson and Shaw push Silver to take some of his most forward looking solos, and the pianist's compositions in turn push the soloists to think melodically and play with deep soul. "The Cape Verdean Blues" is a tribute to the West African homeland of Silver's father. "Pretty Eyes" was Silvers' first original waltz. "Nutville" is both complex and uniquely catchy. The Cape Verdean Blues is simply one of the most inspired sessions of Silver's long and outstanding career.

In handling one of jazz's all-time best-sounding recordings, Rudy Van Gelder's original Blue Note two-track analog tapes were meticulously mastered to XRCD by engineer Alan Yoshida and producer Joe Harley. This XRCD comes with deluxe hardbound book-style packaging with original liner notes and high resolution B&W session photos. The package alone is worth the investment. This edition of The Cape Verdean Blues represents the highest-quality analog to digital transfers from tape to CD available, and is among the finest digital releases you will ever hear. "...thanks to the XRCD process and the care that was taken transferring these albums directly from the original analog masters, these CDs have to be approaching the limit of what the compact disc is capable of resolving. Instrument timbre is stunningly real, and the amount of air and decay present on these recordings will make the uninitiated swear that there is a record playing on a turntable somewhere. I’ve never heard this music sound this good in any digital format." -Jeff Dorgay, TONE Audio, Issue 26 “At $30 a pop, these XRCDs are expensive, although not as pricey as the same $50 vinyl sets! And while they may not equal the breathtaking sonics of the vinyl discs, they come very close. So close, in fact, that during one of my listening sessions I was prepared to get up and flip the LP to Side 2 – except I wasn’t listening to an LP but to an Alan Yoshida-mastered XRCD!” - Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, June/July 2010   “JVC has examined the each step in XRCD CD mastering and manufacturing processes and designed specific equipment to improve those processes. Every combination of equipment, connections, AC power regulation, clocking, mastering format, and compact disc construction was evaluated technically and by listening tests.” - Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, June/July 2010 Horace Silver (piano); Joe Henderson (tenor saxophone); Woody Shaw (trumpet); J.J. Johnson (trombone); Bob Cranshaw (bass); Roger Humphries (drums).

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