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da CAPUA, Annalisa Monkewitz, Rodolfo Malacarne, Mainz Chamber Orchestra, Gunther Kehr

La Zingara (La Bohemienne)

La Zingara (La Bohemienne) image
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Rinaldo di Capua; La Zingara Rinaldo di Capua / La Zingara: Part I. 01. Introduction and Aria "Colla speme di goder" (Nisa, Tagliaborse) 01:36 02. Recitative "Si, Tagliaborse, un vecchio" (Nisa, Tagliaborse) 00:37 03. Aria "Tu non pensi no signora" (Tagliaborse) 04:02 04. Recitative "Caro fratello mio" (Nisa, Tagliaborse) 00:22 05. Aria "Ho ragione, si signore" (Calcante) 01:52 06. Recitative and Aria "Mancherebbe ancor questa" (Calcante, Nisa) 03:25 07. Recitative "Questo e un portento!" (Calcante, Nisa) 01:21 08. Aria "Si caro ben, farete" (Nisa) 03:36 09. Recitative "Ho fatto il mio negozio. Senza fallo" (Calcante) 02:01 10. Aria "Che orror! Che spavento!" (Calcante) 03:07 11. Recitative "Donde, Signor, tant'ira?" (Nisa, Calcante) 01:26 12. Aria "Amore, o che diletto" (Calcante, Nisa) 03:39 Rinaldo di Capua / La Zingara: Part II. 13. Recitative "Immaginar non puoi" (Nisa, Tagliaborse) 01:16 14. Aria "E specie di tormento" (Nisa) 01:59 15. Recitative "S'avvicini Calcante: oh come" (Nisa, Calcante) 00:53 16. Aria "O voi possenti Numi" (Nisa) 01:00 17. Recitative "Oh questo e l'essenziale" (Calcante, Nisa) 01:19 18. Aria "Voce che lugubre" (Tagliaborse) 01:25 19. Recitative "Nulla, nulla, Signor, colei vi brama" (Calcante, Nisa, Tagliaborse) 01:25 20. Aria "Perfidi, che volete?" (Calcante) 02:56 21. Recitative "Non tante smanie no, presto alle curte" (Nisa, Calcante, Tagliaborse, Chorus) 01:19 22. Finale "E di nuovo ogni tamburo" (Calcante, Tagliaborse, Nisa, Chorus) 02:19
  • Annalisa Monkewitz - soprano
  • Rodolfo Malacarne - tenor
  • Mainz Chamber Orchestra - orchestra
  • Gunther Kehr - conductor
  • da CAPUA
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Nr kat.: CDL141
Label  : Dynamic (Italia)

La Bohemienne is the French version (1756) of the opera La Zingara by Rinaldo da Capua (c. 1710 - c. 1770), his 'most famous work and the only one which has been preserved as a whole' (Alfred Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, 2nd edn, Geneva 1955, I, col. 222). The Italian version was performed for the first time at Paris in 1753 by the same troupe which had given in 1752 Pergolesi's La serva padrona and thus instigated the famous musical and literary dispute called 'Querelle des Bouffons' (see the collection of the numerous pamphlets edited by Denise Launay, La Querelle des bouffons, 2 vols, Geneva 1973, especially I, p. 710-711). The Library's copy is a complete score, written by a professional scribe and based on the printed edition RISM A I, R 1715. Note how the title-page reproduces all the details of the printed edition. WAŻNE i ciekawe! Fotokopia pierwszej strony partytury tej opery Annalisa Monkewitz (soprano) Laerte Malaguti (bass) Rodolfo Malacarne (tenor) Stolze Kurt-Heinz (harpsichord) Ulsamer Josef (viola da gamba) Main Chamber Orchestra Conductor Gunter Kehr