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Barb Jungr

The Men I Love - The New American Songbook

  • 1. Once In A Lifetime 4:09
  • 2. I'm A Believer 5:47
  • 3. Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache 3:15
  • 4. Night Comes On 6:05
  • 5. Can't Get Used To Losing You | Red Red Wine 3:26
  • 6. The River 4:55
  • 7. I Saw The Light 4:01
  • 8. This Old Heart Of Mine | Love Hurts 5:41
  • 9. Everything I Own 4:05
  • 10. You Ain't Going Nowhere 3:21
  • 11. My Little Town 3:42
  • 12. Wichita Lineman 3:46
  • Barb Jungr - vocal
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Nr kat.: NAIM144
Label  : NAIM Records

Barb Jungr is more than just a great singer. She's one of the world's premiere song stylists, drawing critical acclaim both sides of the Atlantic and famed for her inspired recasting of material associated with the likes of Bob Dylan, Jacques Brel, Nina Simone and Elvis Presley. Her latest album, The Men I Love, her first for Naim documents Jungr's love of American popular song and its songwriters. And as has come to be expected with Jungr, the material displays her impressive ability to re-imagine well-known popular songs, revealing deep meanings and latent emotional content that comes to light when she dislodges the songs from their original contexts. "There is a body of great work which sits for me right inside the classic Great American Songbook, where songs both stand the test of time and also are able to be re-imagined and sometimes re-harmonised, allowing them to grow and develop beyond original recordings." The genesis of this project was a season at the fabulous uptown venue, the Café Carlyle in New York City. The Café had become famous for a particular type of American and European song, and Jungr decided she wanted to do something a little different. She worked with pianist, arranger, producer and friend Simon Wallace in creating a new and varied programme of ‘Great American Songs' by contemporary writers. The show blew the doors wide open. The season was a huge success, and the audiences queued up to after the shows to tell Jungr how much the songs meant to them inspiring Jungr to make the show the basis of her next album. "At that time Simon and I began to look at how to record them in a way that represented the ‘live' performance. We achieved this by recording lots of takes with just piano and voice, till we found the performances we wanted. Then we added further layers from some of Britain's greatest musicians - including bassist Steve Watts, cellist Frank Schaeffer, flute genius Clive Bell and percussionist Paul Clarvis". The result is arguably Jungr's most complete artistic statement to date, a profound but always enjoyable examination of the ‘heart' of some of popular music's greatest song and a spellbinding collection from one of our greatest and most original voices. Produced by Barb Jungr & Simon Wallace Down Beat
4 Stars
"extend new musical light on what we think of as 'the originals'."
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"Jungr is a magician with words and her ability to transmute anything she sang into something sombre and heartfelt was the stuff of pure alchemy."

'amongst the best when it comes to reinterpreting popular songs'

Jazz Bus
" To hear her alternately draw in tenderly and unfurl the tune is a wondrous experience."
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The Scotsman

'Barb Jungr brings the same kind of warm, elegant clarity and effortlessly compelling dramatic intonation to her singing as Emma Thompson does to her acting, and instantly establishes anything she does as important.'

alifeof style.com
"After hearing Ms. Jungr live, I realize she is more than a singer - but a true performer. On stage she has the power to take you up with a wind blown lyric, and then drag you through the depths of a long lost dream with another. Great performers have the ability to create this arc - Jungr has it in spades."

"This isn't merely an entertainer whose talents scrape the heavens; rather, this is an entertainer who grabs the stars from the skies and scatters them across a room with her talent."

" Jungr reiterates her determination to take possession of the basic framework and reinvent according to her individual preferences...it is obvious that she has succeeded admirably."
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"Jungr’s Men is an artfully crafted, contemporary sounding session, sensitive and powerful...For the full effect, check her out live"
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Jazz Times
"powerfully affecting....for sheer poetic beauty, none can match the stirring solemnity of her prayerlike "Night Comes On."
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Time Out NYC
"Her supple and versatile voice glows like a hearth on a winter's day...superb"

"an engrossing album...transforming everything from Talking Heads to the Isley Brothers"
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O's Place Jazz Magazine
3 Stars
'Jungr and Wallace try to capture the spirit of a live performance. They succeed '
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The Sunday Mercury
"This new CD is [a] collection of fine compositions...unique"
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Culture Catch
"If cabaret is to have a future (and sizable audience) beyond senior citizens, it will likely sound like this"
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Wears The Trousers Magazine
"Intimate yet dramatic, it’s lush enough to swim in and full of heart-tugging sincerity"
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Cabaret Scenes
"Few artists can lay claim to being labeled 'one of the world’s premiere song stylists…' Here, Jungr wipes away the competition."
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Cabaret Scenes (LIVE REVIEW)
"With bold choices and naked emotionalism, Barb Jungr is committed, commanding and compelling"

3 Stars
"At times startling and often revelatory, sometimes within the space of a single song"
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Net Rhythms
"It's a lovely album and much more than the background listening such projects can tend to be. Someone send Rod Stewart a copy"
more >>

In Tune
"She totally subverts all previous versions...enlightening and soulful"
more >>

Rock 'n' Reel
4 Stars
"There are few better interpreters of contemporary song than Barb Jungr"
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"she’s established herself as one of the leading lights of the art-song tradition..outstanding"
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The Huffington Post
"at the moment one of the best, if not the best, is Barb Jungr...she has an ability to combine intellectual depth with authentic emotionalism"
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All About Jazz
"Thoughtfully and beautifully rendered...revealing pleasures previously hidden by the lesser interpretations of these numbers"
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St Joseph News (US)
"Barb Jungr has that Joni Mitchell hipness. Her interpretation of new standards are like vocal poetry."

The Information Magazine (The Independent)
"Takes your breath away"
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The Independent
4 Stars
"poised on the cusp of relaxation and anticipation...perfect"
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Time Out NYC
"one of the top five cabaret singers in the world right now. She’s just that good"

Midwest Record
"A new high water mark for sitting down music"
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"[Jungr] sounds as if she has lived every line of every song...daring, drama and emotion"
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"a true artist who knows how to get in the spirit of these compositions and allow herself to get caught up in the music"
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The Sunday Times
4 Stars
"Walking a fine line between cabaret, jazz and grown-up pop, Jungr has always had an eye for an unlikely tune"
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Choice Magazine
"a truly great interpretive singer"
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Daily Echo
3 Stars
"shows just what a travesty shows like X-Factor make of a much maligned art"
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"Jungr infuses lyrics with extraordinary tenderness"

Record Collector
3 Stars
"a unique presentational style"
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"Jungr at her magnificent best"

Attitude Magazine
3 Stars
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