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Andreas Vollenweider

Down to the Moon

Andreas Vollenweider - Down to the Moon (Remastered 2005) 01. Down to the Moon (2:27) 02. Moon Dance (4:15) 03. Steam Forest (4:53) 04. Water Moon (2:15) 05. Night Fire Dance (4:57) 06. Quiet Observer (2:43) 07. Silver Wheel (3:57) 08. Drown in Pale Light (2:15) 09. The Secret, the Candle and Love (3:46) 10. Hush-Patience At Bamboo Forest (0:17) 11. Three Silver Ladies Dance (2:40) 12. La Lune Et L'enfant (2:09) 13. Moonday (6:21) 14. Hey You! Yes, You (3:11) 15. Data Track (13:17)
  • Andreas Vollenweider - harp
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Nr kat.: 0166702CTT
Label  : Virgin

AllMusic Review by Johnny Loftus Andreas Vollenweider's Grammy-winning 1987 effort is dominated by the Swiss musician's electrically modified harp. Its distinctive sound runs throughout the album, supported by the usual tinkering synthesizer effects and light percussion. After an extended introductory interlude, the title track zips into a vaguely Caribbean-styled rhythm. "Water Moon" features a different, more organic harp sound; it's mixed with the windy tones of a flute, suggesting ghostly moonshafts lancing through falling rain. Vollenweider plays the harp strings off of guitar strings on the surprisingly twangy (for new age, anyway) "Drown in Pale Light." The composer weaves the album's instrumentals together with a goody bag of pan-ethnic influences; the album's margins are full of these little touches that nevertheless make a big difference. Down to the Moon will appeal to anyone looking for music that's as interesting as it is soothing.