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Zhang Ling Ling

Forever Wishing

  • 1. Countless Words
  • 2. The Crescent Moon Shines on Our Land
  • 3. Autumn Memory at the Dressing Table
  • 4. Busy Sewing
  • 5. Forever Wishing
  • 6. The Moon Over Xi Jiang
  • 7. Doomed Love Theme from the TV drama "Hong Lou Meng"
  • 8. Love Mail From The Moon
  • 9. Blossoms on a Spring Moonlit Night
  • 10. Scarlet Flowers on the Mountain
  • 11. Three Movements of Plum Flowers
  • Zhang Ling Ling - artist
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Nr kat.: M079A
Label  : MaRecordings

Popular, traditional and contemporary Chinese music performed on GuZheng (zither) by the lovely Zhang Ling Ling; with other musicians in supporting roles.