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Jiang Ting

Voice of the Pipa

  • 1. Sai shang qu (On the Great Wall), suite 9:40
  • 2. Su (Pleading), for pipa (after Bai Juyi's poem Ballad of Pipa) 10:49
  • 3. The Spirit of Calligraphy (Dien), for pipa 7:36
  • 4. Caprice, for pipa (Xiang) 5:40
  • 5. Ba Wang Xie Jia (The Last Hero's Ballad) 5:40
  • 6. Green Waist Dance Music (Lü Yao) 7:22
  • Jiang Ting - pipa
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Nr kat.: M061A
Label  : MaRecordings

With a history of more than 2000 years, the Chinese Pipa is one of that culture`s oldest and most elegant instruments. When first seen in China, (having arrived from India by way of the Silk Road sometime during the Han and Tang Dynasties), the Pipa, being a plucked instrument, was verbally described to sound like 'pi~pa~pi~pa'. Originally round, the Pipa was a highly regarded instrument of the court. Over the centuries however, with influence from Iran, the current pear shape evolved and the Pipa became more widely accepted and heard in entertainment and ritual genres outside the court. Of Chinese heritage, Jiang Ting was born in Inner Mongolia in the beginning of the 1970`s. Her Pipa studies commenced when she was seven years old, her first teacher being her mother. At the age of ten, she went alone to Beijing to continue her studies, starting in the primary school associated with the Central State Conservatory. In 1996 she won first prize in the national Pipa performance contest, receiving her Conservatory graduation certificate in 1997. Since July 1997, Jiang Ting been living in Japan where she has performed with orchestras, on television and continues to concertise throughout the country. 'Voice of the Pipa' is Jiang Ting`s first recording outside of China, where her debut was released in the late 1990`s. The project was recorded in a small church, 'Chiesa di S. Colombano' in the mountains outside the beautiful city of Lucca, in the Toscana region of Italia.(MA Recordgins)