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  • Yellowjackets - Timeline
  • 01. Why Is It (5:04)
  • 02. Tenacity (6:07)
  • 03. Rosemary (4:54)
  • 04. Timeline (5:11)
  • 05. Magnolia (4:36)
  • 06. A Single Step (7:05)
  • 07. Indivisible (5:22)
  • 08. Like Elvin (5:32)
  • 09. My Soliloquy (6:23)
  • 10. Numerology (5:56)
  • 11. I Do (6:01)
  • Yellowjackets - group
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Nr kat.: MAC1058
Label  : MackAvenue (USA)

54 th GRAMMY AWARD - Nominee: Best Jazz Instrumental Record

Far too often in the last decade or so, I've found myself sitting amid the faithful at sparsely attended concerts. In clubs and concert halls, the jazz audience can be oh so small - even when invigorating performers take the stage. In such moments I wonder if the nation's best musicians have forever lost their once tight connection to popular culture -- or if too many young people have bought the lie that jazz is only for the pretentious, or those lost in the past. In part, the disconnect between jazz and the masses owes to the propensity of some musicians -- and many of us in the audience -- to favor harmony and flurries of notes over rhythm. Or perhaps, it's the preference of many purists for acoustic music. I love jazz in all its forms. But I want to hear those beats. For years, I've listened to not just to bebop and swing but also to jazz rock, Latin jazz and fusion of all kinds. A generation ago, the search for contemporary rhythms, accessible beats and a broader understanding of jazz led me to the Crusaders, Return to Forever and Weather Report. Another group to emerge during that era was the Yellowjackets, a terrific ensemble since the late 1970s. The modern jazz quartet, which has produced more than 20 recordings, performs tonight at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis. Originally known as the Robben Ford Group, the Yellowjackets first included Ford on guitar, Russell Ferrante on Keyboards, Jimmy Haslip on bass and Ricky Lawson on drums. After Ford left the band, alto saxophonist Marc Russo replaced him and the band went more in a jazz direction. Its 1986 release Shades was a defining album. The band's membership changed again that year when drummer William Kennedy joined the band and added African, Brazilian and world music rhythms. The Yellowjackets quickly delivered three great records: Four Corners, Politics and The Spin. Blending melody and rhythm, the musicians' contemporary compositions told stories that appealed to a broad audience while leaving room for improvisation. Saxophonist Bob Mintzer replaced Russo in 1991, and on Greenhouse the Yellowjackets added his big band influences. Since then, the band's membership changed a couple of more times, most notably with Kennedy's departure 10 years ago. But he's back with the band, which recently returned to the studio to record "Timeline." For 30 years, the Yellowjackets have been a strong presence in contemporary jazz - with lively tunes and accessible beats. Their collaborative playing is inspired by acoustic and electric jazz and by a variety of genres, from classical music to rhythm and blues and funk. The band can swing. - State of the Arts | Minnesota Public Radio OFICJALNY TRAILER “The energy and creativity sparked by the quartet's interaction, honed over three decades now, results in one of Yellowjackets' finest albums, and it sounds like that there is plenty of gas left in the tank.” AllAboutJazz.com “The talented lineup can still cook in an effortless and elegant way…true to form and a great listen.” – Elmore “…it’s a distinctive and seamless blend of jazz, R&B, funk, rock, fusion and crossover, bolstered by invigorating soloing and pristine production values.” – JazzTimes “…musical integrity is what keeps the Yellowjackets soulful and real…this solid incarnation remains expansive in their musical vision and they will definitely leave old and new listeners digging on their template of jazz fusion and loose-limbed grooves.” - ICON Magazine “Their longevity has a lot to do not just with the virtuosity of the players, but guiding that virtuosity into jazz fusion music that’s multi-faceted, intelligent, accessible…” - Something Else! “…an effortless flow that usually only happens with a band sporting this kind of longevity…the guys continue to prove to be a brute force in jazzland.” – SoulTracks.com “There may be room for a little nostalgia, but after thirty years, the 'Jackets have accomplished the damn-near impossible, by staying together and continuing to deliver good music.” – AllAboutJazz.com “…another link in the strong historical chain of this band’s story.’ – Music Matters “… continue to create impeccably crafted music with roots in funk, R&B and hard bop…the bandmates lay down a funky boogaloo and exit dancing.” – Jazziz “Timeline encompasses all of the elements that the Yellowjackets themselves embody. It’s classic, while still remaining fresh. The Yellowjackets have shown that it pays to stay true to oneself and to the music, which is something they always seemingly do and do well. After all, they’ve been doing this for 30 years, which proves that they must be doing something right.” – The Revivalist

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