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Wolfgang Bernreuther

Brothers and Friends

  • Wolfgang Bernreuther - Rudi Baier - Brothers and Friends
  • 01. mucky pub (3:28)
  • 02. midnight sun (2:01)
  • 03. sadie (4:35)
  • 04. bliss (4:49)
  • 05. just another night (4:42)
  • 06. where did you sleep last night (3:43)
  • 07. kansas city (2:01)
  • 08. lilianas cafe (4:02)
  • 09. just a silly love song (4:02)
  • 10. colours (3:38)
  • 11. red house (4:42)
  • 12. christo redemptor (5:15)
  • 13. rocking through the country (2:25)
  • Wolfgang Bernreuther - vocals, guitar

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Anybody who knows the excellent albums "I'm Waitin For" and "Brothers in Blues", and maybe also has attended a concert of Bernreuther and his partner Rudi Bayer, might guess the class of this new work. The technical experience and musical dedication of the two is well-known, but now another component comes out clearly: their ability as songwriters. Of course Bernreuther has also been writing his tracks on his own before, and in cooperation with Rudi Bayer lots of great songs have arisen. At first they mainly belonged to the Blues, but now both have opened up musically, they are telling stories and incorporate different instruments. So the listener will be presented a brilliant violin solo, a great pianist, be enchanted by the saxophone and reminded of american folk by the witty banjo playing. The whole band plays the 13 tracks with a joy and a depth that surprises even hardened professionals. The melodies are very catchy in spite of their partially melancholic atmosphere, and you will catch yourself blowing a whistle to the accords. Of course you will also find Blues and Ballads here, Bernreuther and Bayer don't want to hide where they come from. But the whole spectrum has widened, the compositions are more intensive. But, what words can hardly describe, the fascination of this album comes clear while listening to this CD - especially when you know that the whole album was recorded in just one single day at the "Reitstadl" in Neumarkt! This meant more than ten hours of hard work for the two musicians. Nevertheless, the result will bring quite another impression to you: a lot of joy and fun, an easy session - no stress at all! The technical aspects of this album have to be mentioned: the recording sounds brilliant, based on the excellent accoustic of the big hall, and also the great experience of the legendary sound editor Heinz Wildhagen, Brothers & Friends is shining with an astonishing naturalness of the instruments and a comforting warmth that can only be found on an analogue recording. At the end of the disc, you will just have one desire - to listen to it again! Read more about Wolfgang Bernreuther at www.wolfgang-bernreuther.de. >>> Większa okładka A <<< Wolfgang Bernreuther - w ofercie Clubu CD


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