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William Fitzsimmons


  • William Fitzsimmons - vocal
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Nr kat.: NAIM150
Label  : NAIM Records

Derivatives, a new collection from William Fitzsimmons, is a multicoloured re-imagining of several prominent tracks from The Sparrow and the Crow, Fitzsimmons' well-received 2009 release on Naim Edge (UK) / Downtown Records (US). Exploring both love and loss, The Sparrow and The Crow intimately chronicled Fitzsimmons divorce, and could be best described as a confession and apology to his former wife. The album was named iTunes US' Best Singer-Songwriter Album that same year. Derivatives contains several remixes of Fitzsimmons largely folk-inspired tunes - revisited and remixed in an electronic fashion - while still retaining the emotional and heartfelt core of William's songs. "I wanted to allow people the opportunity to experience these songs and these ideas in ways that weren't necessarily coated in the melancholia in which they were originally written. Over time I saw people actually understanding the songs in much brighter - even optimistic - ways, and I wanted to chase that feeling. The songs were written from a certain place, but I never wanted to keep them there." William Fitzsimmons (2010) The Sparrow and The Crow full length has been greeted with significant critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. The Washington Post called it a "...doleful but delicately lovely album", while the Boston Herald added, "Powerfully heart-wrenching and yet so delicate you fear a breath might blow it right out of the CD player, singer-songwriter Fitzsimmons' chronicle of his divorce is a near-masterpiece. Recalling both the cornhusker folk-rock of early Joe Henry and the doomed intimacy of Nick Drake, TSATC makes art and beauty out of tragedy without selling the tragedy short..." UK critics equally welcomed the release of TSATC, with Uncut Magazine describing William as "...a lonesome troubadour elegantly channeling personal heartbreak into art" and The Independent on Sunday gracefully adding, "...Fitzsimmons' loss, is the listeners gain". William Fitzsimmons became a myspace generation sensation after several of his songs found themselves prominently featured on US television, including ABC's Grey's Anatomy, Brothers & Sisters and CW Networks' One Tree Hill. The new album Derivates will be available to download exclusively from iTunes in acknowledgment of the music store's importance in introducing Fitzsimmons' auditory art to the music-loving world. Produced by Marshall Altman tunited.com "Derivatives may not be quite as dark as The Sparrow And The Crow but it still has the evocative power to floor anyone. Even his ex?" more >> citylifers.com 5 Stars "Few things set my mind on fire these days, but this does. It’s the best thing I’ve heard so far this year." more >> forfolkssake.com "Fitzsimmons’ fans will appreciate the different sound" more >> tastyfanzine.org.uk "William Fitzsimmons is splendidly recreating the Ibizan beatpop of 2002." music.aol.co.uk 3½ Stars "Fitzsimmons mixes acoustic guitar with low-key electronica to mesmerising effect......a star in the making." more >> thefourohfive.com 4 Stars "brimming with outstanding beauty and crafted with care." more >> entertainment-focus.com "The songs on Derivatives, will offer Fitzsimmons’ fans something new, which they are sure to enjoy. " more >> allgigs.co.uk 5 Stars 'Fitzsimmons seems to have poured his heart into this collection and the result is one of the most consistent pieces of music you will find all year. From start to finish the level rarely wanes and if you want to have a clearer indication of how good it is I would say it stands proudly beside Postal Service's 'Give Up'. A staggeringly high class mix of emotion, dance production and above all, talent.' more >> Northern Echo "This, is amongst the best. Nicely balanced, beautifully recorded" youngscot.com 4 Stars "This is an excellent mix of folk-inspired songs revisited with an electro feel" more >>