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WIENIAWSKI, DE FALLA, RAVEL, SARASATE, Nathan Milstein, Leon Pommers

Milstein Vignettes

Side A: 1. Polonaise in D., Op. 4 (Wieniawski) 2. Asturiana Jota (Falla) 3. Berceuse on the Name of Gabriel Faure (Ravel) 4. Romanza Andaluza (Sarasate) 5. Traumerei (Schumann) Side B: 6. Air (J.S. Bach) 7. Perpetuum Mobile (Novacek) 8. Melodie, Op. 42, No. 3 (Tchaikovsky) 9. The Maid with The Flaxen Hair (Debussy) 10. Scherzo - Tarantelle, Op. 16 (Wieniawski)
  • Nathan Milstein - violin
  • Leon Pommers - piano
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179.00 PLN

LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: LP43080
Label  : C&L Music (Korea)

Violinist Nathan Milstein performs compositional works by Falla, Wieniawski, Ravel, Sarasate, Schumann, Novacek, J.S. Bach, Tchaikovsky and Debussy. Pianist Leon Pommers provides accompaniment. "At his best Milstein is superb; for instance in the Wieniawski pieces, Träumerei, and the delightful Sarasate dance. He seems right on top of the listener; one can hear him breathing... and Novácek Perpetuum mobile is magically played." - The Gramophone Magazine "Milstein recorded many of these pieces more than once; and although his stylings remained remarkably consistent, these recordings, made in 1957, when Milstein was in his early fifties, are the locus classicus. There's no release of any kind I've more eagerly awaited, and none that I could recommend more highly. When all's said and done,...it would come as no surprise to me if Milstein were to be recognized as the premiere violinist of the 20th century. If anything can hasten that judgment, these recordings can." - Fanfare


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