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Wayne Gratz

Blue Ridge

Wayne Gratz - Blue Ridge 01. Blue Ridge, Pt. 1 (1:44) 02. Blue Ridge, Pt. 2 (4:27) 03. A Heart in the Clouds (3:51) 04. Sacred River (5:52) 05. Dancing Lights (3:47) 06. Waterfall (2:24) 07. Trail of Tears (4:36) 08. Fields Are Burning (2:53) 09. Scenes of Reflection (5:54) 10. Past Time (4:43) 11. Peaks of Otter (3:45) 12. Pathway to Waterrock (4:49) 13. White on White (4:59) 14. The Endless Mountains (3:54) 15. [Untitled Hidden Track] (1:05)
  • Wayne Gratz - piano
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Nr kat.: 83616104720
Label  : Narada

Wayne Gratz musically recreates the beauty of Appalachia's Blue Ridge Mountains into an alluring new dimension with his fourth career release, Blue Ridge...Gratz's skill as a composer has reached new summits and the result is an exquisitely crafted, stylish hybrid of accessible pop with warm classical impressions. Lending a hand to Gratz's lyrical piano and synthezier mastery are guest performers Forest Rogers on mandolin and guitar, Doug Mathews on six-string fretless bass, Joseph Ruback on dulcimer and Paul "Slim" Fleury and Peter Lund on cello and violin, respectively. A fantastic percussion section, comprised of Lloyd Hansen, Carlos Fernandez and Trevor Sadler, add to the instrumental blend. (AMG)


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