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WAGNER, HOLST, BRUCKNER, SCHUBERT, Herbert von Karajan, Sir Georg Solti, Zubin Mehta

Decca Wiener Philharmoniker - The Orchestral Edition

Decca Wiener Philharmoniker - The Orchestral Edition image
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LP 1 - Side 1: Richard Wagner (1813-1883) Overtures 1. Overture (Rienzi) 2. Overture (Der fliegende Hollander) LP 1 - Side 2: 1. Overture (Tannhauser) 2. Bacchanale (Tannhauser / Act 1) LP 2 - Side 1: Gustav Holst (1874-1934) The Planets 1. I. Mars, the Bringer of War 2. II. Venus, the Bringer of Peace 3. III. Mercury, the Winged Messenger 4. IV. Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity LP 2 - Side 2: 1. V. Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age 2. VI. Uranus, the Magician 3. VII. Neptune, the Mystic LP 3 - Side 1: Anton Bruckner (1824-1896) Symphony No.9 1. I. Feierlich. Misterioso 2. II. Scherzo (Bewegt lebhaft) - Trio (Schnell) - Scherzo da capo LP 3 - Side 2: 1. III. Adagio (Langsam, feierlich) LP 4 - Side 1: Franz Schubert (1797-1828) Rosamunde 1. Overture 2. Entr'acte No.1 3. Ballet Music No.1 - Andante un poco assai 4. Entr'acte No.2 LP 4 - Side 2: 1. Romance: "Der Vollmond strahlt auf Bergeshoh'n" 2. Chorus of Spirits: "In der Tiefe wohnt das Licht" 3. Entr'acte No.3 - Andantino 4. Shepherd's Melody 5. Chorus of Shepherds: "Hier auf den Fluren..." 6. Chorus of Huntsmen: "Wie lebt sich's so frohlich im Grunen" 7. Ballet Music No.2 LP 5 - Side 1: Overtures of Old Vienna 1. Overture (J. Strauss II: Die Fledermaus) 2. Overture (Nicolai: The Merry Wives of Windsor) LP 5 - Side 2: 1. Overture (Von Reznicek: Donna Diana) 2. Overture (J. Strauss II: Prinz Methusalem) 3. Overture (Heuberger: Der Opernball) LP 6 - Side 1: Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Egmont 1. Overture 2. I. Lied: "Die Trommel geruhret" 3. II. Zwischenakt: Andante 4. III. Zwischenakt: Larghetto LP 6 - Side 2: 1. IV. Lied: "Freudvoll und leidvoll" 2. V. Zwischenakt: Allegro - Marcia 3. VI. Zwischenakt: Poco sostenuto e risoluto 4. VII. Clarchens Tod 5. VIII. Melodram: Suber Schlaf du kommst wie ein 6. IX. Siegessymphonie: Allegro con brio
  • Herbert von Karajan - conductor
  • Sir Georg Solti - conductor
  • Zubin Mehta - conductor
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6 LP-180G 33rpm:

Nr kat.: 4787464
Label  : DECCA

Edycja jubileuszowa, limitowana, numerowana xxx/2000

Numbered, Limited Edition 180g 6LP Box Set! The Orchestral Edition is a luxurious and authoritative 6LP orchestral and concerto set, celebrating one of the world's great orchestras and their 64-year relationship with Decca Classics. Over the course of nearly half a century, this partnership was the catalyst for standard-setting pioneer work in the field of recording techniques on the part of DECCA and provides an artistic documentation of numerous recording firsts and musical milestones and rarities. A document of a label-orchestra relationship, of famous venues and of the art of classical recording. Few labels can claim to be so associated with a city as inextricably as Decca is with Vienna. No history of classical recordings would be complete without a chapter documenting how both Decca and the WP worked to perfect the art of recording in the city’s great concert halls, most notably in the famous Sofiensaal. This numbered, limited edition set features original LP front and back covers. The cover art is in the style of the box set. It comes housed in a luxury gold-wrap lift-off LP box. Also included is a full-color booklet in English (English, German, and Japanese) including full recording information, articles by Silvia Kargl of the Wiener Philharmoniker Historisches Archiv and by long-term Decca producers Christopher Raeburn, Erik Smith and John Culshaw. Forewords from Paul Moseley, Managing Director of Decca and Clemens Hellsberg, Vorstand Wiener Philharmoniker. These pressings from Record Industries will be on 180g vinyl. The lacquers were cut by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios. Musicians: Wiener Philharmoniker Sir Georg Solti, conductor (LP 1) Herbert von Karajan, conductor (LP 2) Zubin Mehtra, conductor (LP 3) Karl Munchinger, conductor (LP 4) Willi Boskovsky, conductor (LP 5) Pilar Lorengar, vocals (LP 6) George Szell, conductor (LP 6)


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