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VILLA-LOBOS, CHAVEZ, ESTEVEZ, Eduardo Mata, Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela

Tres versiones sinfonicas / Bachiana Brasileira no. 2 / Mediodía en el llano / Chávez: Sinfonía india

Eduardo Mata - Orbón: Tres versiones sinfónicas / Villa-Lobos: Bachiana Brasileira no. 2 / Estévez: Mediodía en el llano / Chávez: Sinfonía india Julián Orbón - Tres versiones sinfónicas: 01. I. Pavana (Luis de Milan) (9:39) 02. Organum (Perotinus) (8:47) 03. III. Xilofono (Congo) (3:03) Heitor Villa‐Lobos - Bachianas brasileiras no. 2: 04. I. El canto del campesino (5:46) 05. II. El canto de nuestra tierra (5:17) 06. III. Recuerdo del desierto (5:08) 07. IV. El pequeño tren del campesino brasileño (4:38) 08. Antonio Estévez - Mediodía en el llano (7:28) 09. Carlos Chávez - Sinfonia India (Symphony no. 2) (12:13)
  • Eduardo Mata - conductor
  • Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela - orchestra
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Nr kat.: DOR90179
Label  : DORIAN (USA)


The four works on this disc represent four different ways of turning into sound the primeval pulse of Latin American soil. Each one on its own terms, these peices by Orbón, Villa-Lobos, Chávez and Estévez are an ideal vehicle for the listener to approach the telluric forces of a continent whose best composers have found a way to synthesise in sound the fundamental qualities of landscape, ritual and culture, through works that transcend the mere symphonic transcription of folklore and become highly individual musical statements that at the same time are universally representative of the Latin American spirit. - Juan Arturo Brennan


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