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Tia Fuller

Diamond Cut

Tia Fuller - Diamond Cut 01. In the Trenches (6:20) 02. Save Your Love for Me (5:40) 03. I Love You (6:23) 04. Queen Intuition (6:01) 05. Joe'n Around (4:15) 06. Crowns of Grey (5:56) 07. The Coming (6:59) 08. Soul Eyes (5:41) 09. Delight (5:03) 10. Fury of Da'mond (4:01) 11. Tears of Santa Barbara (4:26) 12. Joe'n Around (Alternate Take) (3:07)
  • Tia Fuller - saxophone
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Nr kat.: MAC1127
Label  : MackAvenue (USA)

‘This album is a dream come true! I am so grateful for many people in my life who continue to inspire me in the relentless pursuit of excellence and the creation of this crystalized vision. I stand on the shoulders of so many great people who have come before me. I fight to stay humble and principled throughout this life journey. My work was created to further etch in stone our people’s greatness. We are the “Diamond Cut.”’ – Tia Fuller


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