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PAGANINI, Shunske Sato

24 Caprices, op.1

No.1 In E Major(andante) 1:51 No.2 In B Minor(moderato) 3:28 No.3 In E Minor(sostenuto - Presto - Sostenuto) 3:19 No.4 In C Minor(maestoso) 6:57 No.5 In A Minor(agitato) 2:51 No.6 In G Minor(lento) 5:19 No.7 In A Minor(posato) 4:06 No.8 In E Flat Major(maestoso) 3:13 No.9 In E Major(allegretto) 3:14 No.10 In G Minor(vivace) 2:28 No.11 In C Major(andante - Presto - Tempo I) 4:03 No.12 In A Flat Major(allegro) 3:00 No.13 In B Flat Major(allegro) 2:31 No.14 In E Flat Major(moderato) 1:21 No.15 In E Minor(posato) 3:00 No.16 In G Minor(presto) 1:39 No.17 In E Flat Major(sostenuto - Andante) 3:53 No.18 In C Major(corrente - Allegro) 2:50 No.19 In E Flat Major(lento - Allegro Assai) 3:01 No.20 In D Major(allegretto) 2:48 No.21 In A Major(amoroso - Presto) 3:27 No.22 In F Major(marcato) 2:19 No.23 In E Flat Major(posato) 3:59 No.24 In A Minor(tema - Quasi Presto - Variazioni - Finale) 4:57
  • Shunske Sato - violin
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Nr kat.: UCCY1006
Label  : UNIVERSAL (Japan)

Czapki z głów! - napisał recenzent

So what we have here in Shunské Sato’s recording is not some sort of historical performance practice demonstration but a return to the text and the spirit of the original, an opportunity for us to peer back two centuries to see what all the excitement was about. It is not the work of a specialist – heavens no! Sato’s website reveals him to be performing repertoire from the 17th century to new music – how many of the dabblers proudly list Couperin and Castello in their repertoire along with Bazzini and Bartók? He is playing ripieno in Baroque orchestra concerts, as well as standing in front of modern orchestras in concertos by Barber and Brahms and playing chamber music by Shostakovich and Milhaud. This is the new paradigm, a musician fully at home in five centuries. Hats off!