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The Electric Light Orchestra

Out Of The Blue

  • Electric Light Orchestra - Out of the Blue
  • 01. Turn To Stone (3:49)
  • 02. It's Over (4:09)
  • 03. Sweet Talkin' Woman (3:50)
  • 04. Across The Border (3:54)
  • 05. Night In The City (4:04)
  • 06. Starlight (4:32)
  • 07. Jungle (3:53)
  • 08. Believe Me Now (1:21)
  • 09. Steppin' Out (4:41)
  • 10. Standin'In The Rain (4:00)
  • 11. Big Wheels (5:32)
  • 12. Summer And Lightning (4:15)
  • 13. Mr. Blue Sky (5:03)
  • 14. Sweet Is The Night (3:28)
  • 15. The Whale (5:07)
  • 16. Birmingham Blues (4:24)
  • 17. Wild West Hero (4:46)
  • 18. Wild West Hero(Alt. Bridge) (0:26)
  • 19. The Quick And The Druft (1:50)
  • 20. Latitude 88 North (3:24)
  • The Electric Light Orchestra - group
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Blu_spec CD2:

Nr kat.: SICP30111
Label  : SONY (Japan)

In the case of E.L.O., they sold so many millions of albums at the time that we seriously questioned whether there was anyone on earth who didn't already own "Out Of The Blue". So why does that make E.L.O. left-fielders then? Easy! No one really seems to like 'em anymore 'cos they're perceived as kinda naff. But let me tell you, we've just re-listened to "Out Of The Blue" and it sounds fantastic! This is the album which stayed on the charts for a mammoth 108 weeks from way back there in November 1977 and occupied the No.4 slot in both the UK and US at the time. Remember it? It was hard to miss! Hits like "Turn To Stone", "Sweet Talkin' Woman", "Mr Blue Sky" and "Wild West Hero" spewed forth from the radio every time it was switched on which is probably why everyone got sick of 'em so quick. Actually this is a great album which we all suspect will gain in credibility the next time a concerted E.L.O. back cat campaign and TV retrospective kicks in. So be warned now.

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