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Swift Taylor


1 FEARLESS フィアレス 2 FIFTEEN フィフティーン 3 LOVE STORY ラヴ・ストーリー 4 HEY STEPHEN ヘイ・スティーブン 5 WHITE HORSE ホワイト・ホース 6 YOU BELONG WITH ME ユー・ビロング・ウィズ・ミー 7 BREATHE FEATURING COLBIE CAILLAT ブリーズ feat.コルビー・キャレイ 8 TELL ME WHY テル・ミー・ホワイ 9 YOU`RE NOT SORRY ユー・アー・ノット・ソーリー 10 THE WAY I LOVED YOU ザ・ウェイ・アイ・ラヴド・ユー 11 FOREVER & ALWAYS フォーエヴァー&オールウェイズ 12 THE BEST DAY ザ・ベスト・デイ 13 CHANGE チェンジ 14 OUR SONG アワ・ソング 15 TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR ティアドロップス・オン・マイ・ギター 16 SHOULD`VE SAID NO シュドゥヴ・セッド・ノー 17 BEAUTIFUL EYES ビューティフル・アイズ (日本盤ボーナス・トラック) 18 PICTURE TO BURN ピクチャー・トゥ・バーン (日本盤ボーナス・トラック) 19 I`M ONLY ME WHEN I`M WITH YOU アイム・オンリー・ミー・ホエン・アイム・ウィズ・ユー (日本盤ボーナス・トラック) 20 I HEART? アイ・ハート? (日本盤ボーナス・トラック)
  • Swift Taylor - vocal
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Nr kat.: UICY20409
Label  : UNIVERSAL (Japan)

Fearless [Taylor's Version] Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine [-] Taylor Swift left her longtime home of Big Machine in 2018, setting up shop at Republic Records. Usually, such changes in label are only of interest to trainspotters, but once Swift departed Big Machine, the label was acquired by a group owned by Scooter Braun, a nemesis of Taylor's. The singer attempted to regain rights to her original recordings to no avail, leaving her with one option: she could re-record her records, thereby undercutting the value of her catalog in terms of syncs, placements, and licensing. Swift carried through on the promise in April 2021, releasing Fearless (Taylor's Version), a brand-new version of her 2008 breakthrough. Swift recorded all 19 songs from the 2009 Platinum Edition of Fearless, adding a new version of "Today Was a Fairytale" from the Valentine's Day soundtrack, then six additional songs ("From The Vault") -- songs that were written around the time of Fearless but not released. These tracks are of greatest interest, as they certainly have a younger, dewy-eyed perspective but were recorded with Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff, the producers of Swift's mature work. The blend of youth and experience is appealing, and it can also be heard in the newer renditions of the Fearless material. Swift largely re-creates the arrangements and feel of the original 2008 album, yet her voice and phrasing has aged, giving the music a hint of bittersweet gravity. That said, it's only a hint; Fearless (Taylor's Version) serves the purpose of offering new versions that could be substituted for the originals for licensing purposes. It's to Swift's credit that the album is an absorbing (if long) listen anyway.

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