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STRAUSS R., Heinrich Behsing, Anneliese Kupper, Karl Kronenberg, Christa Ludwig, Sinfonie-Orchester des Hessischen Rundfunks, Winfried Zilling

Die Frau ohne Schatten

Die Frau ohne Schatten image
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  • Heinrich Behsing - actor
  • Anneliese Kupper - soprano
  • Karl Kronenberg - baritone
  • Christa Ludwig - mezzosopran
  • Sinfonie-Orchester des Hessischen Rundfunks - orchestra
  • Winfried Zilling - conductor
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Nr kat.: PO1015
Label  : Mitridate (Holandia)

Rabbi David Dunn Bauer 5.0 out of 5 starsThe condensed version is a great intro to the beauties of the score for those ... November 16, 2015 This isn't the complete score, and it is a pirate recording from the early 1950s. That said, it is gorgeously sung and deeply felt. The condensed version is a great intro to the beauties of the score for those who don't know it or are afraid of its supposedly confusing plot (although I find the story actually quite easy to follow). I fear that for many of those people, though, the boxy sound will disqualify it. Not only the utterly ravishing Eleanor Steber, but all the principals sound good. We aren't used to talking about the beauty of Christel Goltz's voice, but she sounds lovely here. If you love the opera, you should own this performance. *** First complete recording in splendid radio quality! Next to the great Strauss and Wagner singers of the early fifties is the very young Christa Ludwig as the Voice of the Falcon, then at the beginning of a long and very distinguished career that would eventually encompass the roles of the Dyer's wife and even the Empress herself! Around her a German dream cast. - Qualiton Die Frau ohne Schatten, Op. 65 by Richard Strauss Performer: Diana Eustrati (Alto), Annelies Kupper (Soprano), Heinrich Behsing (Voice), Joachim Stein (Bass), Maria Madlen Madsen (Soprano), Christa Ludwig (Mezzo Soprano), Karl Kronenberg (Baritone), Günther Ambrosius (Baritone), Erna Schlüter (Soprano), Rolf Heide (Baritone), Sanders Schier (Baritone), Käthe Lindloff (Alto) Conductor: Winfried Zillig Hessian Radio Orchestra Frankfurt Notes: This selection is a mono recording.