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Sean Wayland

Colossus of Rhodes

  • Sean Wayland - piano
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Nr kat.: DIW626
Label  : DIW - Japonia

Nowa gwiazda jazzu australijskiego. Niezwykle utalentowany pianista i kompozytor. Pierwszy występ Seana Waylanda w Japonii - płyta, która podbiła Kraj Kwitnącej Wiśni! Oryginalne kompozycje, niezwykłe brzmienie i wszech emanująca harmonia! Na płycie znalazła się nietypowa interpretacja utworu "Bye Bye Blackbird", której autorem jest Sean Wayland, muzyk, o którym będą Państwo słyszeli coraz częściej. Hancock-ish pianism explodes on 1 and 7, we peep his unique phrasing of 3, shady beautiful 4 and 6 represent Sean’s musical mind, hopelessly bright tune 9 reminds us of Australian beach… The more you listen to this album, the more you stick to it! The cover photo is taken by Shoji Ohnuma. The photo of ruins by the bright 2-tone of green and blue attract the attention when displayed. Recommendation from Mike Nock A gifted and original pianist/composer with his own harmonic language, Sean Wayland is one of the freshest voices to emerge from the current Australian jazz scene. With a strong background in both pop and classical music, Sean’ s spontaneity and freedom from cliche show a unique musical mind at work. Give a good listen also to Sean’s outstanding rhythm section, German drummer Jochen Rueckert and New Zealand bassist Matt Penman, who play with a supportive and unflagging rhythmic drive throughout. Currently based in New York, this trio represents the best of today’s emerging young jazz musicians, playing a creative, swinging music with an awareness of the past, while looking to the future. Step into the musical universe of Sean Wayland and hear for yourself! Mike Nock, Sydney, Australia. Sean Wayland’s Biography Born in the year of 1969, Sydney, Australia. He learned violin in his infancy but piano instead of violin came to arouse his interest and he began to learn piano in his teens. In the last year of his high-school days, he met with the jazz pianist John Bostok. And he studied in the Sydney academy of music in 1992 and 1993 and was taught by many good teachers like Mike Nock, Roger Frampton, Judy Bailey, Paul Macnamara, Barry Harris, Kevin Hayes, Blues Barth and so on. When he was in the school, he was awarded the Jack Chrostski Prize. And in 1993, he reached the final match of International Jazz piano prize. He moved to New York in 1999, and he have costarred with Cornell Duply, Dale Barrow, Burney McGarn etc… And he has 3 releases of his own production until now.


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