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SAMPLER - Dorian 24bit Optic Disc

Drive Time P.M.

  • 1. The Ladyes Delight: The Dark Is My Delight - The Balitmore Consort
  • 2. The Ladyes Delight: Howells Delight - The Balitmore Consort
  • 3. Encore!: Orchestral Ste No.3, BWV 1069 - Les Violons Du Roy
  • 4. Crossroads Of The Celts: Cristo Canamus Gloriam - Altramar Medieval Music Ensamble
  • 5. Highland King: Mary Betons Row - Ronn McFarlane
  • 6. Highland King: Current Tried - Ronn McFarlane
  • 7. Highland King: Over The Dyke Davie - Ronn McFarlane
  • 8. Highland King: Untitled - Ronn McFarlane
  • 9. The Victory Of Santiago: O Sacrum Convivium - The Concord Ens
  • 10. From The Beauty Of The North: Valse Frontenac - Chris Norman
  • 11. The Cantorial Voice Of The Vc: Vc Son No.2: Adagio - Valerie Tryon
  • 12. Radiant Light: Cherubic Hymn - Brian Jones
  • 13. Heartbreak: Thais: Meditation - Elissa Lee Koljonen
  • 14. Danse Royale: La Chaconne D'Amadis - Chatham Baroque
  • 15. Cantigas De Amigo: Alvorada - Ens Acatraz & Angelorum
  • 16. Baroque Inventions: Allemande - Julian Gray/Ronald Pearl
  • 17. Baroque Inventions: Courante - Julian Gray/Ronald Pearl
  • 18. Baroque Inventions: Sarabande - Julian Gray/Ronald Pearl
  • 19. Hymns Of Heaven And Earth: The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended - Saint Clement's Chor, Philadelphia/Peter Richard
  • 20. The Eras Of Eros: Mon Pauvre Coeur Soupire - Claire Gignac
  • SAMPLER - Dorian 24bit Optic Disc - sampler
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Nr kat.: DOR90020
Label  : DORIAN (USA)

Face the day with beautiful music. What better way to get motivated than with an entertaining, elegant, upbeat program of magnificent music, performed by some of Dorian's favorite artists? From medieval songs to Baroque sonatas, from traditional tunes to contemporary arrangements of classical favorites, Dorian Recordings presents a spectacular array of music to lift the spirits. Drive Time A.M. will help to put you in a great frame of mind, through city traffic and over congested freeways, across town or just down the road. Whether you listen in your car or over headphones on the subway, Drive Time A.M. will add enjoyment to the commute.


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