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Rush - Counterparts [Hybrid] 01. Animate (6:05) 02. Stick It Out (4:48) 03. Cut to the Chase (4:49) 04. Nobody's Hero (5:05) 05. Between the Sun and the Moon (4:40) 06. Alien Shore (5:47) 07. The Speed of Love (5:03) 08. Double Agent (4:53) 09. Leave That Thing Alone (4:08) 10. Cold Fire (4:27) 11. Everyday Glory (5:18)
  • Rush - group

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The Hybrid SACD is Finally Back at Audio Fidelity: Marking the Label's First Releases on the Format in 10 Years!

Rush's 1993 release, Counterparts, is the band's fifteenth studio album and their highest charting album in the US, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard 200. With the electronic era ending and a new producer this album fully embraced the guitar as the main driver behind the music. Counterparts features some of Alex Lifeson's most inspired guitar playing. Geddy Lee's distinctive bass moved into a more traditional rock and roll sounding natural, smooth and powerful and his confidence as a vocalist allows him full control over his range. Neil Peart's groove oriented style drum work continued his transition from the progressive '70s and flashy '80s.
The primary focus of Counterparts' lyrics feature dark and emotional themes mainly about relationships between men and women and Peart pulls it off with some of the best writing of his career. The classic, pure hard rock "Cold Fire" is one of the finest relationship songs he has ever written with great dialogue lines between the two main characters. Some songs are heavy such as "Animate" and the #1 mainstream rock track "Stick It Out." Other highlights include the mostly acoustic hit "Nobody's Hero" which provides the album's most gripping moment with an impassioned plea for HIV consciousness and understanding, "Between the Sun and Moon", "The Speed of Love" and "Double Agent" with Geddy's strange spoken word style, and the funky "Leave That Thing Alone" which earned a Grammy nomination for "Best Instrumental." Compatible with all SACD and CD players.



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