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ROLLA, Mario Carbotta, Luigi Alberto Bianchi

Six Duets for flute and violin - 3 Caprices for viola

Six Duets for flute and violin - 3 Caprices for viola image
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Duetti Concertanti: Duetto No. 1 - I. Andante sostenuto 6:19 II. Allegretto 4:01 Duetti Concertanti: Duetto No. 2 - I. Largo sostenuto 3:08 II. Rondo: Presto 5:42 Duetti Concertanti: Duetto No. 3 - I. Sostenuto 1:39 II. Andante con variazioni 7:13 III. Rondo: Presto 4:07 Esercizi (Capricci) for Viola, BI 311, 313, 314 - Capriccio No. 1 3:22 Capriccio No. 2 5:22 Capriccio No. 3 4:40 Duetti for Flute and Violin: Duetto No. 1 - I. Larghetto 3:46 II. Rondo: Scherzoso 4:39 Duetti for Flute and Violin: Duetto No. 2 - I. Larghetto 3:36 II. Rondo: Allegretto 3:51 Duetti for Flute and Violin: Duetto No. 3 - I. Andante sostenuto 4:15 II. Rondo alla polacca 5:24
  • Mario Carbotta - flute
  • Luigi Alberto Bianchi - violin
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Nr kat.: CDS371
Label  : Dynamic (Italia)

Alessandro Rolla (Pavia 1757 - Milan 1841) was one of the finest exponents of Italian instrumental music between the 18th and the 19th centuries. Born in a then Austrian Lombardy, he was a great admirer of Haydn and Mozart, and an outstanding virtuoso on both the violin and the viola, which created the long-maintained belief that he taught Paganini. The classic “proportions” of Rolla’s style are clearly evident in the six elegant Duets for flute and violin here recorded by Mario Carbotta and Luigi Alberto Bianchi; the three Caprices for viola, instead, reveal the virtuosity of Rolla’s compositions for this instrument, which are unquestionably on a par with the more famous Paganinian ones.