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Rick Braun, Richard Elliot


  • Rick Braun and Richard Elliot - RnR
  • 01. RnR (4:18)
  • 02. Sweet Somethin' (4:39)
  • 03. Curve Ball (4:59)
  • 04. The Stranger (5:53)
  • 05. Da JR Funk (4:38)
  • 06. Que Paso (5:07)
  • 07. Better Times (5:22)
  • 08. Down and Dirty (5:51)
  • 09. Two Heart Tango (4:33)
  • 10. Q It Up (4:57)
  • 11. Sunday Night (5:32)
  • 12. Sao Paulo (4:26)
  • Rick Braun - trumpet
  • Richard Elliot - saxophone
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Nr kat.: ARZ10016
Label  : Artistry Music (USA)

When Rick Braun and Richard Elliot decided to start ARTizen Music Group it was a pretty fair bet collaboration would be on the boards. After all, Rick's best-selling release to date is his collaboration with Boney James (Shake It Up). Richard had toured with Rick numerous times yet hadn't a real studio long-player to share credits with. Nonetheless, for these two stars it had to be perfect. Almost three years later and over half a dozen releases on their label that time had come. The planets aligned and they began writing and recording their own record together. There is an implicit pun evoked in naming this release. The consistent stumbling block to recording together was variously their own records, a tour, someone else's record - never mind having a life. So when they found some time for R(est) n R(elaxtion) - what do they do? They make a record. True to it's namesake, R n R is all about fun.


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