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RAUTAWAARA, Schola Cantorum of Oxford, James Burton

Choral music

  • Suite de Lorca
  • 1 Movement 1: Canción de jinete Córdoba [1'02]
  • 2 Movement 2: El grito La elipse de un grito [1'50]
  • 3 Movement 3: La luna asoma Cuando sale la luna [1'46]
  • 4 Movement 4: Malagueña La muerte [1'17]
  • Canción de nuestro tiempo
  • 5 Movement 1: Fragmentos de agonía Con la rueda, el aceite, el cuero y el martillo [4'20]
  • 6 Movement 2: Meditación primera y última El Tiempo [4'21]
  • 7 Movement 3: Ciudad sin sueño No duerme nadie por el cielo. Nadie, nadie [6'47]
  • 8 Canticum Mariae virginis Ave maris stella [7'58]
  • Magnificat
  • 9 Movement 1: Magnificat [4'41]
  • 10 Movement 2: Quia respexit – Et misericordia [4'19]
  • 11 Movement 3: Fecit potentiam [1'25]
  • 12 Movement 4: Suscepit Israel [2'12]
  • 13 Movement 5: Gloria [4'59]
  • 14 Our joyful'st feast When icicles hang by the wall [4'41]
  • Halavan himmeän alla 'In the shade of the willow'
  • 15 Movement 1: Ikävyys 'Melancholy' Mi hämäryys, mikävyys 'What gloominess, what misery' [4'22]
  • 16 Movement 2: Laulu oravasta 'Song of the squirrel' Makeasti oravainen 'Slumber sweetly, little squirrel' [3'04]
  • 17 Movement 3: Sydämeni laulu 'Song of my heart' Tuonen lehto, öinen lehto! 'Grove of Tuoni, grove nocturnal!' [3'56]
  • 18 Die erste Elegie Wer, wenn ich schriee, hörte mich denn aus der Engel [9'08]
  • Schola Cantorum of Oxford - choir
  • James Burton - conductor
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Nr kat.: CDA67787
Label  : Hyperion

>>> Większa okładka A <<< Einojuhani Rautavaara’s reputation as one of the greatest living Finnish composers is assured. Once Sibelius’s protégé, over his long career he has achieved success in a great number of musical genres, particularly that of opera. But it is his choral works that have made him a household name, both in his native country and internationally. Recorded here is a fascinating selection of works, including the Suite de Lorca—one of the most popular Finnish choral works of all time—and all demostrating the unique style forged by the composer on his travels through the musical fashions of the twentieth century. His rich and sonorous neo-Romantic textures have a steely modernist edge and the resulting voice is one that is deeply attractive and approachable, yet endlessly captivating. He sets texts of great passion and complexity and does not hold back from expressing deep emotion. Rautavaara’s music is performed by the Schola Cantorum of Oxford, described in The Times as ‘Oxford’s classy intercollegiate choir’ and highly acclaimed for their two previous recordings for Hyperion. The choir is conducted by James Burton. -------------------------------------- 'From the vibrancy of the very first track, the lively imagination of Rautavaara's writing for voices, the pungent palette of the Schola Cantorum of Oxford, and the clarity and spacial excitement of this record, are immediately apparent' (BBC Music Magazine) 'The music may be as soft-centred as melting chocolate, but the performances have real fire and beauty' (The Irish Times)