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Paul Wertico Trio

Another Side

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  • 1. The Big Organ 1:02
  • 2. Children of the Night 3:09
  • 3. Little Creatures 6:04
  • 4. A Slow Stroll Round a Black Hole 4:51
  • 5. Brian's B.S. (Bass Solo) 2:21
  • 6. O Man 2:51
  • 7. Ain't no Thing (Drum Intro) 0:27
  • 8. Sticks & Stones 2:59
  • 9. The Gong Show (Percussion Intro) 1:35
  • 10. I Gotta Be Chi 3:37
  • 11. The Noisy Neighbor (Drum Intro) 1:21
  • 12. Dining by Rail 3:54
  • 13. Homage to Someone Else's Ancestors (Drum Intro) 1:45
  • 14. Mideastern Standard Time 2:16
  • 15. Beauty & The Beholder 4:21
  • 16. If You're Still A Round 3:12
  • Total Time: 45:37
  • Paul Wertico Trio - group

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.


This CD is entitled "Another Side" because that's exactly what Paul Wertico wanted to show...another side of both his trio's music and the way in which the disc was recorded. His previous trio CDs, were multi-tracked, heavily layered and recorded, and mixed over a period of several months. In contrast, "Another Side" was recorded live to 2-track in a day and a half with no mixing. Musically, the previous trio recordings had some very aggressive and sometimes dissonant moments that bordered on avant-garde jazz and rock. His goal for "Another Side" was to show a more even tempered version of the trio's music and to produce a CD that could be comfortably listened to all the way to the end without extreme emotional variations. Personally and artistically, he loves both approaches, and they're all part of who he is as a musician, band leader, recording artist and producer. Together, they also expose different sides of who he is as a human being and what he is trying to express through his trio's music. With this new release, he is hopeful that it will demonstrate the trio's broadening musical concept and is thrilled that the trio is now represented on CD in a way that really captures an additional aspect of what an audience could expect to hear from it live in concert.


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