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Paul SHILTS Weimar


  • Shilts - HeadBoppin'
  • 01. Look What's Happened (4:35)
  • 02. I Knew You'd Like This (4:49)
  • 03. Break The Mold (3:47)
  • 04. Good Evans (6:29)
  • 05. Got Love (3:33)
  • 06. HeadBoppin' (5:10)
  • 07. Say Something (4:09)
  • 08. Tuesday Heartbreak (4:20)
  • 09. 2 Pesos For Bud (5:12)
  • 10. Mrs. Magic (4:27)
  • Paul SHILTS Weimar - saxophone
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Nr kat.: ART10013
Label  : Artistry Music (USA)

True to its name, HeadBoppin's ten tracks -- some featuring off-the-wall titles indicative of Shilts' cheeky personality -- will get you dancing, and if you're driving, at least your head will move and groove (which is his intention). Co-produced by the saxman and Braun, the collection is a powerful showcase for his multitude of performing and composing talents, focusing not only on his lead alto and tenor brilliance but also his instantly infectious melodies. Ricky Lawson (drums) Lenny Castro (percussion) Freddie Washington (bass), Ricky Peterson (Hammond B-3), Ross Bolton (guitar), Chris Standring (whose crackling guitar solo electrifies on "Tuesday Heartbreak") and singer Siedah Garrett (the soaring, sensuous, and dreamy "Got Love"). Keyboardist Jeff Lorber