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Paco Pena, Eduardo Falu


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  • 1 Falú La Cuartelera (Zamba) 2.59
  • 2 R. Ayala Gato 2.21
  • 3 Ariel Ramirez Milonga Uruguaya 3.18
  • 4 Alfonzo / Zavala De la Prima a la Bordona (Gato) 1.58
  • 5 Falú / Davalos Tonada del Viejo Amor 3.50
  • 6 R. Medina Danza Cordobesa 3.26
  • 7 Antonio Lauro Valse Criollo 3.11
  • 8 M.A. Trejo Chacarera del Silbador 2.53
  • 9 Falú / Davalos La Huarmillita 2.14
  • 10 A Castellon / Escudero Farruca 4.59
  • 11 Falú Three movements from Suite Argentina Zamba 2.59
  • 12 Estilo 4.26
  • 13 Malambo 4.11
  • 14 Davalos Cancion del Jangadero 4.11
  • Tracks 5, 9, 14 sung by Eduardo Falú
  • All arrangements by Falú / Pe?a except 7 R. Riera and 10 Castellon / Escudero
  • Recorded 21-23 March 1989 and 7-9 August 1989
  • Paco Pena - guitar
  • Eduardo Falu - guitar
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Nr kat.: NI5196
Label  : Nimbus Records

The guitar everywhere gives voice to our deepest feelings but in Andalucía and in Argentina it sings perhaps the most solitary song of all and at the same time the most fraternal; the most unifying, yet the most inward looking. The strength and the suffering of Argentina and Spain combine to produce a magical sound. Paco Peña's startling bursts of flamenco and the virile anguish of Eduardo Falu's guitar achieve a dialogue that is brilliant and pithy, impetuous and temperate, festive and mournful like man's life from the cradle to the grave. Félix Grande "Flamenco per se has not crossed the Atlantic but it has common ground with South American music, especially that of Argentina, viz the elements of solitude and wistful melancholy. Their compatibility is shown in the coming together of Paco Pe?a and Eduardo Falú, Argentina's most distinguished singer-guitarist-composer." John Duarte, Gramophone


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