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MONTEVERDI, Ensemble La Pifarescha, Roberto Gini

Vespers for the Blessed Virgin

Vespers for the Blessed Virgin image
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  • Vespro della beata Vergine (1610)
  • Missa 'In illo tempore' (1610)
  • Ensemble La Pifarescha
  • Roberto Gini - conductor
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99.00 PLN

3 CD:

Nr kat.: CDS656
Label  : Dynamic (Italia)

"Ensemble Concerto, Ensemble la Pifarescha, Concerto Palatino, Coro d.s.g. (Dei soli gloria) & Gruppo vocale Laurence Feininger, Roberto Gini This 3 CD set of Monteverdi Vespers is part of a new Baroque series on Dynamic, released at a very special price! This present recording is very special because it includes some extra parts that that have never been included on any other complete recording before. Vespro della Beata Vergine 1610 is normally presented on 2 CDs, but this new recording spans 3 CDs and includes two Magnificats instead of just one. Also included is the Mass “In Illo Tempore” which is a splendid six and seven voice musical composition with organ."