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Linda Ronstadt, Aaron Neville, Barbra Streisand, Elvis Presley, Veronica Mortensten, Shirley Horn, Karrin Allyson

Valentine's Day: Full of Love

01 Don't Know Much Singer: Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville 03:36 02 Love Me Tender Singer: Barbra Streisand & Elvis Presley 03:33 03 My Funny Valentine Singer: Hazel O'Connor 03:48 04 You Are My Sunshine Singer: Sara Gazarek 03:37 05 In My Life Singer: Veronica Mortensen 03:06 06 The Look Of Love Singer: Tok Tok Tok 03:53 07 The Nearness of You Singer: Irene Atman 06:04 08 Take on Me Singer: Eve St. Jones 04:12 09 The Very Thought of You Singer: Emilie-Claire Barlow 03:34 10 And I Love Him Singer: Shirley Horn 02:33 11 Smile Singer: Karrin Allyson 04:50 12 How Deep Is Your Love Singer: Chantal Chamberland 03:54 13 You Won't Forget Me Singer: Anna Kolchina 03:40 14 La Vie En Rose Singer: Sophie Milman 04:49 15 Besame Mucho Singer: Carol Welsman 03:20 16 Moon River Singer: Nicki Parrott 04:32
  • Linda Ronstadt - vocal
  • Aaron Neville - vocal
  • Barbra Streisand - vocal
  • Elvis Presley - vocal
  • Veronica Mortensten - vocal
  • Shirley Horn - vocal
  • Karrin Allyson - vocal
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CD Silver:

Nr kat.: HDS274
Label  : ABC Int. Records

AAD is a Digital Copy Of The Master Tape - SILVER CD

Have you ever given her such an evening: a candlelit dinner, a rose, a soft honey kiss, a warm bed, an unforgettable memory? Of course, you can't do without a romantic piece of music -- classical? Folk music? Rock and roll? No, they are either too strict, too quiet or too noisy, which will ruin the romantic evening and ruin your good mood. Of course the best choice is jazz girl! The charm of jazz female voice always tempts the deepest romance. The languid, indulgent and confused of city night, which is quite decadent, has been stretched and comforted to the extreme. The intoxicating atmosphere aimed at people's fragile mind, a blow is in! The atmosphere of sweet and greasy, deserve to go up the singing voice of singer blurred languid, it is absolutely can count up "wonderful good product". The song band arrangement of the whole record is quite simple, but the variety of timbre shown is rich, but it can make the listener's mind rippling, applause. Pure and authentic blues rhythm seems drunk and blurred, female singer singing magnetic and sexy, plaintive, crash. Crystal smooth piano, elastic bass, excellent recording effect to restore the very natural space effect. Of course, on a good night like that, you don't have to care much. The songs of the jazz actresses, like soft goose feathers, tease your feelings and desires; When her eyes are misty, her lips overflow with the fragrance of wine; Romantic, gentle, and as intoxicant as red wine, absolutely xiaozi, absolutely delicious, in pieces of smoke "lure" you have no discussion. Deep and elegant voice, containing the water quality of mature women unique sexy. The best audition for intimate contact with soft jazz is poured by the extremely rich change languid lazy sexy voice, is poured by the heart to melt into the heart of the vague place, is poured by the inherent expensive but charming temperament, is poured by the familiar bourgeois emotional appeal! Familiar melody, moving song, let a person lie quietly nest on the sofa, even if the cup of red wine has been dry, the head is tipsy, CD in that turn around, it is a wonderful picture of dyed jazz color music elements, in calm and jumping overlap, sing the most incand incest freedom.. Cząsteczki srebra są jednolite i mają stały współczynnik odbicia, co zapewnia równą, reprodukcyjną jakość dźwięku. Posrebrzany `CD 6N ma również wyższy współczynnik odbicia niż 24-karatowe złoto. 6N - Czyste Srebro! Najnowsze tłoczenie wersji HD tej płyty wykonano z wykorzystaniem srebra jako warstwy nośnej


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