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Anna Nygren, Jacintha, Chantal Chamberland, Jeanette Lindstrom, Carol Welsman, Katie Melua, Eliane Elias

Valentine's Day: Voices of Love

01 For Sentimental Reasons Singer: Anna Nygren 03:08 02 Only You Singer: Lisa Ekdahl 04:29 03 Shadow of Your Smile Singer: Jacintha 05:13 04 Crazy Singer: Chantal Chamberland 03:29 05 The Look of Love Singer: Jeanette Lindstrom 04:16 06 What a Wonderful World Singer: Nicola McGuire 04:20 07 The Very Thought of You Singer: Ann Hampton Callaway 05:32 08 Close to You Singer: Carol Welsman 02:11 09 Unforgettable Singer: Rosie Carlino 04:55 10J ealous Guy Singer: Orleya 03:36 11 My Romance Singer: Dina Blade 03:53 12 Fly Me to the Moon Singer: Carol Welsman 03:30 13 The Way You Look Tonight Singer: Bonnie Harris 04:30 14 Wonderful Life Singer: Katie Melua 04:07 15 In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning Singer: Stacey Kent 04:59 16 So Nice (Samba de Verao) Singer: Eliane Elias 05:15
  • Anna Nygren - vocal
  • Jacintha - vocal
  • Chantal Chamberland - vocal
  • Jeanette Lindstrom - vocal
  • Carol Welsman - vocal
  • Katie Melua - vocal
  • Eliane Elias - vocal
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CD Silver:

Nr kat.: HDS273
Label  : ABC Int. Records

AAD is a Digital Copy Of The Master Tape - SILVER CD

Jazz has a magic that not all of us can feel. It's a love-hate kind of thing. Some people find it romantic and glamorous. But I find that most of my friends who like jazz, or even are crazy about it, must have a very romantic life. Not like rock reality and anger, not like pop drift like lost, and not like the classical self - esteem. We like jazz, modern jazz, because it's romantic, it gives us hope and emotional appeal in life, but it seems so intellectual. The music starts and smoke fills your eyes. Dreams in wine glasses wander in the past. In the microwave, there is a hubbub city far away from the cool nature; When looking back, the fragrance of flowers wistful night wind arouse the initial tenderness. The jazz sweet syrup is brewed with extreme good voice, singing the quiet state of mind that cannot be reached by words, interpreting the intoxicating and striking music, interacting with mutual feeling, inviting the body and soul to sway gently, swaying with the red joy wave of the heart sea. The lights are on, the neon lights are tipsy, the trumpets are lazy, and the keys are swinging. At night, with the full grain feeling polished by time, I indulge in the delicate, abundant, and rich conversation between human voice and instrumental music. Body sway, god swing, thousands of thoughts into a wisp of love, immersed in the cool cup. The waves of wine light the silence of the sea. Thoughts of love, curled around the corner of my eyes. Nothing is small, and all that is gone is precious. Memory, gentle like a dream of confusion; Treasured, a badge of lost time. With the circulation of the melody look back to the heart, with the deep voice to pay tribute to the past. Slowly bring out the intellectual moving and heart of joy, the true meaning of the love is indelible, the pain of alienation of love is helpless, have been day and night to accompany their most intimate melody. Of course, the rest of the album is just as wonderful, and the whole album comes together in a dreamlike way. When I look into your eyes, I see that there is nothing more moving than modern jazz. Almost no deliberate affectation, as from the bottom of my heart out of the singing, heartwarming! The sound quality is as warm and quiet as the first snow in the morning light. The emotion is just right. What is left is only appreciation and listening. Cząsteczki srebra są jednolite i mają stały współczynnik odbicia, co zapewnia równą, reprodukcyjną jakość dźwięku. Posrebrzany `CD 6N ma również wyższy współczynnik odbicia niż 24-karatowe złoto. 6N - Czyste Srebro! Najnowsze tłoczenie wersji HD tej płyty wykonano z wykorzystaniem srebra jako warstwy nośnej