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Joao Paulo, Peter Epstein


  • 1. Canto (08:10)
  • 2. Hino-Pasagem (12:50)
  • 3. Certeza (07:22)
  • 4. Para Sempre (09:57)
  • 5. Good Fever (10:10)
  • 6. Arde O Mar (11:51)
  • 7. Esquina (07:41)
  • Joao Paulo - piano
  • Peter Epstein - saxophone
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Nr kat.: M057A
Label  : MaRecordings

MA presents yet another recording of Portuguese pianist Joao Paulo, this time in duos with saxophonist, Peter Epstein. Like "O Exilio" and "Almas", "Esquina" was recorded in the Anglican Church in Lisbon, Portugal. actually, immediately after the sessions for "Almas" in August, 1998. Being a collection of duets, rather than the trio configurations of the first 2 albums, the atmosphere is perhaps more relaxed as we are able to hear the intimate musical dialog between Joao Paulo and Peter. Here are Joao Paulo`s notes from this new record Esquina, which means, "Corner" in Portuguese..... (MA Recordgins)