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Jim Brock

Brasileiro Soul

  • 1. Alma de atriz (Soul of an Actress);
  • 2. A Procura da Razão (Search for a Reason);
  • 3. Paisagem Ancorada (Anchored Landscape);
  • 4. Põe o pé na estrada (Sincere Love);
  • 5. Onde Está (Where is It ?);
  • 6. As lagrimas Consolam (Tears Console);
  • 7. Anjo de Julho (Angel of July);
  • 8. So Nos Dois (Two of Us);
  • 9. Toda Mulher (Every Woman);
  • 10. Tarde (Dusk);
  • 11. Out of the Blue;
  • 12. Wondering;
  • 13. No Colla da Serra (In the Lap of the Mountain);
  • 14. Tempo (Time)
  • Jim Brock - percussion
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Nr kat.: RR124
Label  : Reference Recordings
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Nr kat.: HR124HRx
Label  : Reference Recordings

This collection of fourteen original songs penned by this new artist is rich and complex music, with gorgeous lyrics in Portugese (with one song in English). We think you'll love the killer band playing with Reinaldo, and the exotic percussion from RR favorite (and album producer) Jim Brock who refers to Reinaldo Brahn as "the new voice of Brasil." Great sonics from Grammy-winning engineer Keith Johnson!


Reinaldo Brahn, vocals & acoustic guitar;

Jim Brock, percussion;

Tim Gordon, winds;

Steve Kim, electric bass;

Al Sergel, drums;

Mark Stallings, keyboards;

Dustin Hofsess, electric guitar;

Jon Thornton, trumpet/flugelhorn


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