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Jeffrey Osborne

Worth It All

Jeffrey Osborne - Worth It All 01. Let a Brotha Know (4:17) 02. Greatest Night (4:19) 03. Just Can't Stand It (3:33) 04. Worth It All (4:23) 05. Stay the Way You Are (4:42) 06. I Want You (4:23) 07. Summer Nights (5:32) 08. Work It (4:06) 09. Saving My Love (4:15) 10. Can't Help Myself (3:54) 11. Your Lover (4:15) 12. That Man (4:07)
  • Jeffrey Osborne - vocal
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Nr kat.: ART7051
Label  : MackAvenue (USA)

"I wanted to go back to my roots and do an old school R&B album…what I call a 'Grown Folks' record. I approached it like things from the past that influenced me then wrote my versions. For example, 'Let a Brotha Know' sounds like a song I would have done with my old band L.T.D. while 'Saving My Love' has an Island ballad vibe like things Lionel Richie used to write. I produced the whole album and wrote all of the songs except for one that I co-wrote with my son, Jeffrey Osborne Jr., titled 'Work it.' I wrote the melody and the words while he came up with the track and raps on it. I'm using the guys from my road band along with a few friends like Gerald Albright and Rick Braun. I believe there’s still an audience for real music and songs about lasting love. It's important to me to to maintain integrity with our music."