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Homer, McArthur, Ronald, Sargent, Bridge, Christine Brewer, Roger Vignoles

Encores as sung by Kirsten Flagstad, Eileen Farrell, Helen Traubel and Eleanor Steber

  • 1 SIDNEY HOMER (1864–1953) Sing to me, sing [1'49]
  • 2 EDWIN McARTHUR (1907–1987) Night [3'14]
  • 3 ARTHUR WALTER KRAMER (1890–1969) Now like a lantern [2'24]
  • 4 MILDRED LUND TYSON (1900–?) Sea Moods [2'51]
  • 5 SIR LANDON RONALD (1873–1938) O lovely night! [3'22]
  • 6 JAMES H ROGERS (1857–1940) At Parting [1'48]
  • 7 JOHN ALDEN CARPENTER (1876–1951) The sleep that flits on baby’s eyes [2'26]
  • 8 PAUL SARGENT (1910–1987) Hickory Hill [2'34]
  • 9 VINCENT YOUMANS (1898–1946) Through the years [3'56]
  • 10 PAUL NORDOFF (1909–1977) There shall be more joy [2'12]
  • 11 FRANK LA FORGE (1879–1953) Hills [2'31]
  • 12 FRANK BRIDGE (1879–1941) Love went a-riding [1'54]
  • 13 IDABELLE FIRESTONE (1874–1954) In my garden [3'43]
  • 14 SIGMUND ROMBERG (1887–1951) Will you remember? ‘Sweetheart’ [4'21]
  • 15 IDABELLE FIRESTONE (1874–1954) If I could tell you [3'19]
  • 16 FRIEDRICH VON FLOTOW (1812–1883) The last rose of summer [2'48] from Martha
  • 17 HAROLD VICARS (‘MOYA’) The song of songs ‘Chanson du coeur brisé’ [4'47]
  • 18 JOHN LA MONTAINE (b1920) Stopping by woods on a snowy evening [1'50]
  • 19 HAROLD ARLEN (1905–1986) Happiness is a thing called Joe [4'00] from Cabin in the sky
  • 20 LEONARD BERNSTEIN (1918–1990) Some other time [2'34] from On the town
  • 21 ERNEST CHARLES (1895–1984) When I have sung my songs [2'17]
  • 22 CELIUS DOUGHERTY (1902–1986) Review [5'10]
  • Christine Brewer - vocal
  • Roger Vignoles - piano
  • Homer, McArthur, Ronald, Sargent, Bridge

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

'Vignoles flickers through the rippling piano part of Frank La Forge's Hills before changing to a slower, more emphatic injection in the last stanza. This is a fine song, delivered by Brewer with strong voice and the fervour of longing … Brewer's own [encore], Review has the final word. To Vignoles's spirited playing, Brewer brings variety to the descriptions of Miss Sadabelle Smith's performance … It's fun and provides a final encore for which it was worth staying till the end' (International Record Review) 'Unlike many dramatic sopranos, Brewer here demonstrates a clarity of enunciation and a variety of tone that suits this lighter material … extracts from musicals by Romberg and Bernstein are frankly yet enjoyably sentimental. Irresistible' (BBC Music Magazine) ****************************************************** This delightful disc, performed by one of the most admired sopranos of today, accompanied by her long-time collaborator, pays homage to an important musical tradition and part of performance history, and to four great sopranos from the past. The repertoire includes the encore-songs, mainly by American composers, performed by Kirsten Flagstad, Eileen Farrell, Helen Traubel and Eleanor Steber at the end of their recitals. As Christine Brewer writes in an intimate performance note: ‘These little gems evoke an era of recitals not often encountered these days. Stepping back into that era has been a joy to Roger and me, and I hope it will bring back memories to those who might have heard these women sing these songs, or perhaps ignite a new love affair for younger listeners!’