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Henry Mancini and his Orchestra


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Henry Mancini - Charade 01. Charade (Main Title) (2:12) 02. Bistro (1:52) 03. Bateau Mouche (2:55) 04. Megeve (3:01) 05. Bye Bye Charlie (3:11) 06. The Happy Carousel (1:34) 07. Charade (Vocal) (2:40) 08. Orange Tamoure (1:56) 09. Latin Snowfall (2:36) 10. The Drip-dry Waltz (1:53) 11. Mambo Parisienne (2:36) 12. Punch and Judy (1:55) 13. Charade (Carousel) (1:39)
  • Henry Mancini and his Orchestra - orchestra

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

k2 24BIT mastering

This is Manicini at his peak. If you've seen this movie featuring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn you need no further convincing of the effectiveness of this soundtrack. What you may not realize is how strong these pieces are individually. This K2CD was mastered from the original 1963 three track tapes.


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