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Helana Paavola, Seeli Toivio

Absolute Girls - Cello Duets

01 Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 8, RV 315, "Summer" Ⅲ. Presto Composer: Vivaldi 02:35 02 The Flight of the Bumble Bee Composer: Rimskij-Korsakow 01:41 03 Perfect Composer: Ed Sheeran 03:44 04 Sound of Silence Composer: Simon & Garfunkel 05:06 05 Imagine Composer: John Lennon 02:59 06 Shape of My Heart Composer: Sting 04:34 07 Hallelujah Composer: Leonard Cohen 03:38 08 The Swan Composer: Camille Saint-Saëns 03:10 09 Fragile Composer: Sting 03:28 10 Passaggio Composer: Ludovico Einaudi 04:24 11 Every Breath You Take Composer: Sting 03:51 12 Arioso from the Cantata BWV 156 Composer: Bach 05:57 13 Hurt Composer: Trent Reznor 04:29 14 Mose in Egitto Composer: Gioacchino Rossini 07:08 15 Now We Are Free Composer: Hans Zimmer 05:45 16 Benedictus Composer: Karl Jenkins 06:41
  • Helana Paavola - cello
  • Seeli Toivio - cello

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

ULTRA Analog CD - AAD is a Digital Copy Of The Master Tape - SILVER CD

Cząsteczki srebra są jednolite i mają stały współczynnik odbicia, co zapewnia równą, reprodukcyjną jakość dźwięku. Posrebrzany `CD 6N ma również wyższy współczynnik odbicia niż 24-karatowe złoto. 6N - Czyste Srebro! Najnowsze tłoczenie wersji HD tej płyty wykonano z wykorzystaniem srebra jako warstwy nośnej Nothing is impossible. Absolute Girls is the perfect word for it! Flying across music's barriers, there's no need to use words to play, two young ladies who don't deserve to be good students, by using the cello to carry classical frequency, your imagination has been upset, the marvelous fiddling has been playing to your own advantage, the exquisite violin playing has been quite amazing, a little wild constantly to stimulate music fans to listen to the sensory world! Subverting the classical field, when photographed as a fashion magazine editing model of beauty; During the performance, the all-in-one and two-face "Absolute Girls" is full of sensory stimulation, superb performance across the field and subverting your imagination. It is absolutely amazing! Under the age of 30, from Finland's Seeli Toivio (Seeli Toivio) and Helana Paavola (Helana Paavola), have the idol star class beautiful appearance, more have superb outstanding cello playing talent. Tovio, a graduate of the Royal College of Music (1998) and Sibelius College (2003), is a Finnish cellist and doctor of Music who has won first prizes such as the prestigious Rutoslavsky International Competition, while Helena Pavara, a graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music, is also a regular winner of many cello competitions. The two were supposed to compete in classical music, but in 2011, at the suggestion of a director friend, they formed the irresistible "Absolute Girls." In the classical field, they play wild, overthrow everyone's imagination and break through the boundary of music style. They are all under the control of Absolute Girls. They are incredibly right and can enjoy the pleasure of auditory impact. Make the cellos sing again, sing sexy croons, and dance with explosive power. This is the magic that transforms the world with Absolute Girls. Give full play to the infinite creative approach, brilliant and produce the most gorgeous sparks. Between the two parallel universes of cello and pop music, two beautiful women construct an amazing dynamic aesthetics. Break the traditional nest nest, unlimited creative technique, with the deduction of god on its technology capability, strong from classical atmosphere, wear around each generation movie theme music, at the same time to rock and roll spirit guide to the end, no matter how to change styles, "Absolute Girls Absolute Girls" mutual fusion, is there a way to provide an audio-visual feast for the senses double shock! , with the delicate and exquisite treatment of "Absolute Girls", the original and classical colors are presented, and the sound waves are loud and refreshing! Super high standard cello duet recording, it represents a new milestone in the fever model of chamber music recording! Not only inherit the always excellent sense of instrument positioning and clear solid sense of space, elegant texture when playing the instrument more "true feelings reveal". All the keen flow of atmosphere, whether quiet or moving, melts into the intoxicating music and is mastered in the feverish level of the radio. Complaining that your sound system is a runaway horse? So, with this "Bo Le" let it subdue to sing bel canto! .Zapraszamy


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