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HANSSON, Royal Holloway Choir, Rupert Gough

Endless border and other choral works

  • 1 Som när handen As when day dawns 1993 . [5'06]
  • 2 Salve regina 2005 [6'51]
  • 3 Then I heard the singing * 2010 [9'04]
  • 4 For as the rain * 2009 with WILLIAM BALDRY organ [5'08]
  • 5 The place amongst the trees * 2000 revised 2010 . [8'00]
  • Missa brevis * 2008 with WILLIAM BALDRY organ [19'38]
  • 6 Kyrie [3'43]
  • 7 Gloria . [5'56]
  • 8 Sanctus & Benedictus [5'04]
  • 9 Agnus Dei [4'53]
  • bl Lighten mine eyes 2007 . [5'42]
  • bm Endless border * 2007 . [8'06]
  • Royal Holloway Choir - choir
  • Rupert Gough - conductor
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Nr kat.: CDA67881
Label  : Hyperion

'The music on this disc is consistently good; Hansson’s beginnings as an arranger of folk and popular song have helped him develop gifts as a writer of contemporary choral music that really does exert a grip … The musical processes are sophisticated but always easy to follow. Endless Border is a compact, seven-minute marvel … Rupert Gough’s young choir make a glowing sound, recorded in an acoustic which gives them plenty of air but never clouds the detail' (theartsdesk.com) ------------------- The Swede Bo Hansson is a man of many talents: a guitarist, and a composer of a wide range of music in folk and jazz idioms. Choral music might be a relatively recent departure for him but its roots run deep, back to the days of his childhood when he sang as a treble in his local choir. He has observed that ‘the human voice is the closest you can come to your soul’ and in that search he writes music that demands much of its performers in its sustained intensity of sound, a penchant for a cappella and a fresh way with word-setting even in the most established of texts, as in the darting energy of the Gloria from the Missa brevis. Rupert Gough and his Royal Holloway Choir are no strangers to Hyperion, having previously made waves in music by Baltic composers Miškinis and Dubra. Here’s yet another sign that he’s one of the most exciting choral conductors of his generation.