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GABRIELLI, Pierpaolo Turetta, Ivan Florjanc

Missa Dominicalis

1. Campana dei Mori di San Marco 2. Kyrie primo 3. Kyrie secondo 4. Kyrie terzo 5. Christe primo 6. Christe secondo 7. Christe terzo 8. Kyrie quarto 9. Kyrie quinto 10. Kyrie ultimo 11. Gloria in excelsis 12. Et in terra pax 13. Laudamus te 14. Benedicimus te 15. Adoramus te 16. Glorificamus te 17. Gratias agimus tibi 18. Domine Deus Rex 19. Domine Fili 20. Domine Deus - Agnus 21. Qui tollis - Miserere 22. Qui tollis - Suscipe 23. Qui sedes 24. Quoniam tu 25. Tu solus Dominus 26. Tu solus altissimus 27. Cum Sancto Spirito 28. Amen 29. Sanctus primo 30. Sanctus secondo 31. Sanctus Dominus 32. Pleni sunt 33. Agnus Dei primo 34. Agnus Dei secondo 35. Agnus Dei terzo 36. Intonatio prima 37. Intonatio seconda 38. Intonatio terza 39. Intonatio quarta 40. Intonatio quinta 41. Intonatio sesta 42. Intonatio settima 43. Intonatio ottava 44. Ricercare primo 45. Ricercare secondo 46. Ricercare terzo 47. Ricercare quarto 48. Pass'e mezzo antico 49. Fantasia allegra
  • Pierpaolo Turetta - organ
  • Ivan Florjanc - vocal
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Nr kat.: 8802100
Label  : Newton Classics

"A vibrantly composed, performed and recorded example of a now largely forgotten genre, the organ mass, punctuated with only a few portions of sung text. The genre was rendered a museum piece by a late-19th-century papal interdict but it can still be heard occasionally in liturgical contexts, and of course on recordings. Andrea Gabrieli, uncle of the more famous Giovanni, was an early proponent of the organ mass, as both composer and performer, as organist from 1566 at St Mark’s in Venice, where this CD was recorded. This CD makes a splendidly festive way to mark Newton Classics’ 100th release."